nail care lunar calendar

Lunar nail care calendar

Surely, it’s never the same twice. Sometimes the manicure and pedicure turn out well and the nails stay neat and beautiful for a long time. Sometimes, when doing a manicure, you manage to cut yourself several times, and the nail polish crackles litterally in a minute. After nail extensions, sometimes your nails get sick and do not look pretty. And sometimes feet become covered with the calluses in a short time after a pedicure… Of course, the result depends on a huge number of factors: the master’s qualification, materials quality, and so on. But, in addition, the Moon has an influence on the result! Lunar nail care calendar is a handy tool that will help you plan the manicure and pedicure correctly in order to get the best result.

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Lunar nail care calendar

Lunar nail care calendar – favorable days

So, what is the Moon’s influence on the manicure quality? Firstly, the powerful lunar energy affects … the human mood and our state of mind. Therefore, in the lunar days with hard energy it is better to put off the scissors and wait. Secondly, all alive creatures on Earth obey the laws of the lunar cycle. As you know, the Growing Moon promotes growth, development and multiplication, and the Waning one takes away all unnecessary things, slows growth, weakens dependencies. Thirdly, absolutely every day of the lunar cycle has its own character, style and preferences – and, adjusting to them, you can enlist the Moon’s support and get the best result.

Taking in account all the factors above, astrologers have allocated the best days for the nail care procedures. Favorable lunar days for manicure, pedicure, and, in general, for the beauty salon visiting are 11, 20, 21 and 25 lunar days. In addition, favorable lunar days for manicure are 6 and 19, and for a pedicure – 4 and 9 lunar days. It is worthwhile to highlight the favorable days for the nails extension by lunar calendar – 16 and 28 lunar days.

Lunar nail care calendar – unfavorable days

Avoid manicure and pedicure procedures on the 18, 22 and 29 lunar days. Interestingly, that the 22 lunar day is associated with the skin and it is unfavorable for any effect on the skin – epilation, acne removal, piercing, surgical operations and so on. Excluding unfavorable lunar days, you will protect yourself not only from a poor quality manicure, but also from such more serious things as cuts and infection.

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