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How to Choose the Ideal Sewing Machine for You: Top Tips

In today’s article, we are going to tell you how you can choose the ideal sewing machine. Because of the pandemic, many people have had a lot more time indoors, and due to this, many more people have taken up sewing as a hobby. Not only can sewing be a great hobby, but it can also be a fantastic way for you to make money, whether it be as a tailor or a seamstress. Choosing the ideal sewing machine is terribly important, though it is recommended that you have basic sewing knowledge and know how to sew by hand.

The Machine’s Stitches

When you are first investing in a sewing machine, you need to research and find out how many stitches that particular machine can offer you. You should always have standard stitches like a zigzag, buttonhole, blind hem, and straight stitch. There are many more stitches, however, and if you need more complex stitches, then you will need to get a better machine.

When you are buying a chine and examining the stitches, you will need to have a long think about what it is that you intend on stitching. Will you need a machine for quilting, or for making clothes? The projects that you will be working on will help you to get an idea of the types of stitches that you will need as settings on your machine. If you have no idea, then you will want to buy a machine with many types of stitches, and even though they are more expensive, they will give you creative freedom.

Computerized or Mechanic

There are two types of machines nowadays, computerized and mechanical. The machines perform the same types of function, though, with computerized machines, you get additional functions, which are definitely something that you might want to look at. Some of the functions you will get with a computerized machine are:

  • Stop/start buttons, which allow you to immediately stop stitching if there is a problem with your stitch, or what you are sewing;
  • Buttonhole creation, which can be very difficult and is a great problem for many people;
  • Auto-threading, as threading can be a massive problem for some people and can be a complete nightmare if you have to keep re-threading your machine again and again;
  • Automatic tensioning, which is something you can benefit from tremendously;
  • You can also adjust whether or not you press down or up to stitch on your machine’s pedal.

Mechanical machines are very basic and are your traditional sewing machine. They do not have many additional functions and features, though some people much prefer a traditional machine over a new one.

Sewing Machine


You may need attachments to your sewing machine, such as feet. You may want a free motion foot, a walking foot, a zipper foot, a stitching foot, or a buttonhole foot. Most machines have all of these feet, though some do not, which is why it is important that you do your research and due diligence beforehand to save yourself from making a wrong purchase.


  • You might want to invest in a machine that comes with a foot pressure adjuster, which can benefit you tremendously and allow you to adjust the pressure that is being applied to your fabric while it is being sewed;
  • A lot of people think that sewing machines with automatic thread cutters, which cut the thread immediately instead of you having to do it by hand. A lot of people simply could not use their machines without this;
  • WiFi is something that a lot of sewing machines have nowadays, surprisingly. Having WiFi access on your sewing machine is great, as it actually allows you to send yourself designs from a computer or tablet, thus enabling you to make things directly from your machine, without having to consult a book or tablet.


When you are buying a sewing machine, the price can sometimes be nauseating. Why sewing machines cost as much as they do, I cannot answer. What I can say, however, is that there are shortcuts and ways around spending a fortune on a sewing machine. You can, for example, save yourself a lot of money by buying a machine second-hand or from a charity shop. Just because a machine is second-hand does not mean that there is anything wrong with it, and in fact, it could work as well as new. Give this some thought if you are on a budget and looking for a sewing machine.

Buying sewing machines is never easy, especially if you are an amateur. All of the tips listed here will benefit you and make buying a sewing machine considerably easier, though you will still need to do a lot of research. Thanks for reading.

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