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How to improve couple’s sex life by Moon

One way or another, the passion in a couple is slowly dying with time. Of course, the duration of the “candy period” is different for each relationship. But if your couple plans to spend all life together, believe me: cooling is inevitable. Does this fact mean that we just have to accept the absence of sexual life?

Yes, you have to put up with it. Accepting this simple truth, a person enters into a relationship more intelligently and consciously. A strong and lasting connection should be built on a foundation of friendship, mutual respect, partnership. And, most importantly, – on the desire and willingness of both partners to work on relationships, to fight for them at all costs. If both of you are ready to cultivate your love and take care of it, cooling of the passion will not be a disaster. Rather, it will be a challenge to you, a challenge that should be taken with honor.

How to improve couple’s sex life – Moon laws

How to improve couple’s sex life? There are many ways, and we will consider one of them. This method of reviving sexual life in a couple is based on the close connection of all living things on Earth with the Moon. Couples lunar calendar contains tips for lovers for every day. By following these recommendations, you can ignite a dying spark, diversify your intimate contacts and get to know each other better.

How does it work? The Moon controls the emotional sphere of human life, while the Sun is responsible for external manifestations in the material world. It goes without saying that passion and everything connected with it is subject to the Moon. It sets a certain mood in which certain actions can be favorable and unfavorable at different periods of the lunar cycle.

Sexual intercourse, occurring in an unfavorable lunar day, will not bring any pleasure. Rather, on the contrary – it ends with a quarrel, violence, leaves a negative precipitate for many weeks ahead. Some lunar days are especially favorable for introducing something new into sex – new poses, new places and so on. Some periods require increased attention and tenderness to the partner, compliments, confessions. By synchronizing your contacts with lunar energy, one can improve couple’s sex life in just one lunar cycle.

improve couple's sex life

How to improve your sexual life – action plan

Couples Lunar Calendar provides a clear action plan for each day of the cycle. All that is required of you is to study the recommendations and follow them clearly. In days with an unfavorable energy, you can avoid failure without entering into an intimate relationship. On favorable days – choose the most suitable scenario of love foreplay, which will appeal to both partners and make you want each other even more.

Do not wait for New Moon to improve couple’s sex life! Start today, with today’s recommendations. And after 29 lunar days, think about how your sex life changes. Summarize the results. You will see first changes and want to continue 😉

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