shopping lunar calendar march 2018

Shopping lunar calendar March 2018

Spring is the renewal period. Many of us go shopping in the first warm days. New clothes, cosmetics, gadgets want to land in good hands! What is important to consider when going shopping? Of course, you need to be attentive to the quality of the goods, the reputation of the store, the conformity of the price to the content and your financial plans.

Another important nuance is the date on which you make a purchase. Astrologers strongly recommend checking the lunar calendar before going shopping. Making purchases on the lunar calendar, you enlist the support of the obstinate Moon, in whose power to make your acquisition successful or hateful.

Shopping lunar calendar March 2018 – mechanisms

To understand how the Moon affects our shopping trips, we need to understand the mechanisms of the lunar month. For 29 days the Moon lives a full life cycle, passing through all its phases. It’s no secret that each phase has a certain effect on the living and inanimate nature of the Earth. The Growing Moon promotes the active growth of hair on the human body, and plant tops. Waning Moon helps people get rid of bad habits, and root crops – get mature. New Moon and Full Moon often affect our health and the psycho-emotional sphere.

As for purchases, on days with especially powerful lunar energy people become more impulsive and trustful. In such periods, we easily succumb to the spontaneous desire to acquire an unnecessary thing and are not attentive enough to estimate its quality. In addition, each lunar day has its own preferences and its own special character. So, some lunar days are favorable for the purchase of real estate and household appliances, others are suitable for lodging a pet, others – to update the wardrobe, etc.

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Shopping lunar calendar March 2018

Shopping lunar calendar March 2018 – rules

We live in an era of consumerism, and the theme of purchases somehow affects the life of each of us. In fact, there is nothing wrong with shopping. However, going on a shopping trip, you need to remember two simple rules:

1. Any item you purchase should bring you joy.

JOY! Not indifference, and certainly not negative emotions. Writer Marie Kondo in her book “Magic Cleaning” suggests mercilessly throwing out of the house all the things that do not cause you positive feelings. So why buy something that you are unsure of? Yes, you can argue that there are household utensils and other necessary things… How to enjoy them? Isn’t it strange?

Try to make an ordinary kitchen towel purchasing a happy event. Choose a pleasant to the touch fabric, your favorite coloring. Think about how much easier this object will make your life, what pleasant surprises for your family will help to arrange. Be grateful every time you use the items you purchased. It is the great art – to appreciate what you have.

2. Things should serve you, not vice versa.

The second rule follows directly from the first. If a thing brings joy to its owner, it already serves him. When you have to look after unloved objects, this process is irritating, stealing your time and strength. When buying, think, will this thing pay off your efforts keeping it clean and safe? You do not have to become a slave to the material. The material world is a tool for manifesting our spirituality.

In fact, that is all you need to know to make only successful purchases. Joyful acquisitions! 🙂

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