Lilith – Black Moon in Aquarius

Lilith was present in the minds of people as the Queen of Darkness in an era when the ideology of society was pushing a woman into the background. She was the first wife of Adam, created by God. Wishing to be equal to a man, she did not obey, did not recognize her secondary importance.

The point in the horoscope where Lilith located is a place where it is necessary to increase the role of a woman. After all, the Black Moon is the apogee of the lunar orbit. It is time when the feminine removed from its daily lunar duties.

The equinox point forces us to rethink the gaze on Lilith. Her task is to identify difficulties and temptations. How we deal with them depends on us.

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Lilith in Aquarius

Lilith in the history

“Lilith” derived from the Jewish “Lil” – night, shadow. Appears in Sumerian mythology 5 thousand years ago, as an assistant of the Goddess Inanna. Together they went down to the men for ritual ceremonies.

Lilith is the main figure in the origins of Christianity and Judaism. As the first woman to appear before Eve. She went against the will of God, for which she punished. Lilith became a demoness. Her main occupation is to deprive men of strength, killing babies.

In another legend, it said that Lilith is born anew in one of her offspring from century to century. And this will continue until the Last Judgment.

Lilith in Aquarius

The demon manifests itself: when try to install personal desires in ways that do not correspond to his ideas of correctness. If you achieve success and set him as an example your personal experience. When have your own understanding of life. Do not need his advice, make their own way. If they do not recognize the Aquarius as the most knowledgeable. It infuriates him when he tries to be active, but he has no desire.

Lilith in Aquarius threatens, intimidates with failures and misfortunes if you do not obey. It will push, instill uncertainty, so that you abandon your plans. Demonstrates disrespect. If Aquarius does in its own way, then the demon will blackmail or show aggression.

Keywords: violation in relationships with friends. Difficulties with independence.

Negative manifestations in the past can now give the following extremes:

  • At the lowest level – the suppression of other people’s freedoms. Betrayal;
  • At the middle level – the impossibility of planning. Unexpected accidents;
  • At the highest level – the highest sense of freedom. Anticipation of events.

Active Black Moon in Aquarius: man does not tolerate any framework and restrictions. He does only what interests him. Not considered with the opinion of others. Shocking by its behavior and appearance. Demonstrates disregard for existing regulations.

Passive Black Moon in Aquarius: a person is afraid of change. Dependent on the tradition of the team. It can attract accidents involving electricity.

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How to live with Lilith in Aquarius?

  • Assume yourself in a state where you cannot judge . If you have a personal interest or a strong prejudice;
  • Get involved in a business that requires the professional expression of the qualities of Aquarius. Work with large groups of people at the same time, contact with the whole society. Mass media. Internet, computers, programming. All new technologies, the introduction of new ideas. Appliances, cars. Work requiring calculations. The position of adviser to the company, analysis and issuance of recommendations. Astrology. When surprises are possible and improvisation required by the setting;
  • First, learn how different people and traditions see the right life. Then, based on what learned, plan your rules on how to proceed;
  • Make rules based on what is profitable for you at the moment. And follow them. As soon as the situation changes, focus on change. Create new guidelines for action;
  • Live yourself by these rules, instead of convincing others to live by them;
  • Verify your theories with practice;
  • Do not impose your wise advice on others. Do not waste energy to convince someone. Give recommendations only when a person needs them;
  • If you do not want your partner to deprive you of your freedom, do not limit it yourself. Do not try to install an authoritarian guide;
  • Trust someone else’s experience. If a person has checked something on his own experience, there is no need for you to go and learn from your mistake;
  • Do not play false modesty. Admit that you have your own personal requests;
  • Prepared to adjust your plans in case of a surprise. It’s impossible to predict everything 100%, everything can change.

When problems solved and experience gained, a person realizes himself to the largest in Aquarius. He can rise from the people. And having become rich and famous, make a contribution to the benefit of the whole society, people.

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