Lilith – Black Moon in Pisces

Black Moon in Pisces (or Lilith) is related to phantom material. It is one of the binders in the formation of deep deviations. Karma manifested not only in Lilith, but also in all other positions of the natal chart.

But, it is not necessary to be afraid of the Black Moon. In the place where it located, a great tension arises, a lot of things happen here, there is no emptiness here. From Lilith comes a powerful non-harmonic vibration, attracting as bad, so rarely, and good.

Black Moon in Pisces

Lilith in the history

It was Lilith who was Adam’s first wife. But, she was wayward. Refused to obey and agree with the opinion of her husband. In Christianity, it was not recognized as a canon character.

Thus, Lilith considered a Jewish demon. But similar images found in the mythological sources of many Semitic peoples. Almost always Lilith appears evil night demon. She is to:

  • abduct the baby;
  • make any woman barren;
  • seduce men and leave them.

They also believe that Lilith is the wife of Satan himself. Thus, it is not least in the demonic hierarchy.

Black Moon in Pisces

The demon appears: as “optimistic sobs.” When, under the pretext of a story about his courageous overcoming of difficulties. He complains about the vampire around. So he puts pressure on them to arouse sympathy and gain. Many are willing to give the Pisces demon money, if only he would fall behind with his whining. Another way of vampirism is to accuse others of the absence of humanity, selfishness. May appear in the active form – drunk, insults, emphasizing.

To neutralize the demon, you should not argue with him, so, recognize that not enough attention paid to him. To praise for how he overcomes difficulties. Do not give in to his emotional calls to run to pierce the wall with his head. Be calm Do not give in to pity. Do not take any disinterested help from him, which he himself imposes – it will be a disservice.

Keywords: violation of harmony. Communication with the mysterious manifestations of the subconscious.

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Negative manifestations in the past can now give the following extremes:

  • At the lowest level – drug addiction. Alcoholism. Spying, breaking secrets;
  • At the middle level – the danger of drowning. Poisoning. Mental disorders;
  • At the highest level – the disclosure of all secrets. Mind stability.

Active Black Moon in Pisces: A person seeks to help someone by doing this inappropriate and intrusive. He sympathizes and regrets those who do not need it. Those who need help ignored. May sacrifice itself. He lives someone else’s life, forgetting about his own interests. In return, it requires eternal gratitude.

Passive Black Moon in Pisces: leads the world of illusions and addictions. This happens through alcohol, drugs, computers. Strengthens emotional instability. Leads to psychological and mental disorders.

How to live in harmony with the Black Moon in Pisces?

  • Accept yourself in a state where you cannot take care of others. Take it easy that you can’t help others;
  • Engage in a business that requires the professional expression of the qualities of Pisces. Work related to relaxation, meditation. Art, music, poetry, helping peace. Creating the most comfortable conditions. Finding the easiest ways to solve the problem. Work on the inconspicuous dissolution of the old, preparing the soil for the new. Sympathy, emotional help to people – social services, psychologists. Esoteric practices;
  • Do not deny that other people provided spiritual or material support to you. Accept yourself as a consumer. Do not try to convince everyone that you only give and donate;
  • If there is a desire to provide someone with disinterested service, admit to yourself that you need from this person. Instead of a proposal, an unnecessary service, ask him what he wants in return;
  • If things are not going to work – take a few days of vacation;
  • Instead of forcing yourself to be optimistic, when it’s bad, it’s better to put it off and lie on the couch. Lazy;
  • If a direction fails, drop it. Look for easier ways;
  • When you want to restore order, stop. The more chaos around you, the better;
  • Create the most favorable conditions for work. Do so that you feel comfortable in the first place;
  • Do not make excuses for difficulties and misfortunes that have not fulfilled. It is better to say: it was too lazy, not wanted. And for the future, do not make such promises;
  • Take meditation. Notice the signs. Listen to intuition, no matter how absurd from the point of view of logic it may seem. Drop the mind. Live only with inner feelings and premonitions.

When problems solved and experience gained, a person realizes himself in Pisces to the greatest. He can prepare a fertile ground for the arrival of the new. Able to dissolve the old, within the whole state. Can sacrifice yourself for the sake of victory. Or express your feeling of sadness and tragedy of life in poetry, such as, for example, Yesenin.

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