Lilith – Black Moon in Leo

Black Moon or Lilith is the most distant point of the lunar orbit. This is a psychological place to save the most secret and secret. The point of evil impulses, provocations, vices. The symbol of revenge and rancor. Place tested by illusion. Provocation manifestations of qualities that never in the end do not give a positive result.

Lilith realizes how the most attractive point in the horoscope is for its owner, but behind this attractiveness is the abyss. It creates the feeling that only its inclusion will solve a specific problem.

Lilith in Leo

Black Moon in the history

“Lilith” comes from the Jewish “Lil” – night, shadow, darkness.

Lilith appears in Sumerian mythology 5 thousand years ago as an assistant to the Queen of Heaven. Together they went down to the men for ritual ceremonies.

In another Sumerian story, Lilith lives on a sacred “huluppa” with wild birds and snakes. The tree was soon cut down, the animals died, but Lilith managed to survive.

The most common Jewish story about Lilith is Adam’s first wife. Without submitting to his power, he goes and hides near the Red Sea. She joins the lower demons. Her main occupation was the deprivation of men of strength and killing of babies. According to some sources, Lilith was unfaithful to Adam, and went to Satan.

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Lilith in Leo

The demon manifests itself: if it is not recognized, it does not show admiration and respect. When they say that he is nobody. When someone tries to stand out. Annoy others’ achievements, fame, fame. The demon begins to blame in a raised voice that he is not valued. Shows demonstrative disrespect, insults. May get out of himself, fall into a rage, through threats and violence to demand admiration and submission.

Keywords: violation in matters related to creativity, leadership. Ugly love stories. Bad relationships with children.

Negative manifestations in the past can now give the following extremes:

  • On the lowest level – abuse of power, selfishness;
  • Average level – the victim of love betrayal, infringement of vanity, fruitlessness;
  • On the highest level, there is no desire for power, for money. A true teacher of children.

Active Lilith in Leo: becomes addicted to flattery. The desire to stand out turns into delusions of grandeur. Very often, men with such manners have children from different women.

Passive Black Moon in Leo: a person loses his dignity and personality. It becomes pleasing and hypocritical. Both women and men may have infertility.

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How to live with Lilith in Leo?

  • Accept yourself in a situation where you don’t show up and you don’t pay attention;
  • Engage in a business that requires the professional manifestation of the qualities of Leo – the work of a politician, management. Also all professions related to fame, popularity, recognition;
  • Notice the success of other people who have achieved fame. Show respect for others if you want to respected;
  • Bring bright elements into your wardrobe;
  • Express your authoritative judgment, only when you asked to do so, do not attract foreign attention;
  • But also learn to refuse if someone demands from you excessive attention to his person. A firm position will give more credibility;
  • Agree to take a leadership position only if you are sure that you can actually lead;
  • Learn to make decisions as a leader. Keep in mind that in fact it will be useful to your subordinates, and not what they approve. And not trying to bend their line, even if it does not benefit anyone.

When problems solved and experience gained, a person realizes himself according to Leo as much as possible. Learn to love and appreciate yourself regardless of the opinions of others. He will gain fame and love of millions, while maintaining spiritual comfort and not fame.

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