Lilith – Black Moon in Virgo

Lilith is the apogee of the lunar orbit. Represents the twin energy of the Earth. Black Moon is a “wisdom.” Here we are most alienated from our own instincts. This is a point of danger, where there is neither education, nor heredity, nor care and warmth. Characterized by the complete surrender of themselves to torn apart.

Lilith credited with karmic influence in connection with her attachment to the Lunar Nodes. The point of evil impulses, provocations. The symbol of revenge and rancor. Place tested by illusion. Provocation manifestations of qualities that never give a positive result. But the Black Moon recognized as the best point in the horoscope for its owner. The truth behind this attraction is the abyss.


Lilith in the history

Jewish astronomers also called Algol. They attributed to this point a place of bare truth and suffering of the soul.

There are three Liliths:

  • Asteroid, in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter;
  • The hypothetical Lilith is the second satellite of the Earth, the “far side of the moon”;
  • Black Moon – abstract geometric point of the lunar orbit, its apogee.

Lilith in Virgo

Demon manifests itself: when they do not follow the cleanliness. Scattered things, storage of unnecessary old clothes, violation of the established order. When they do not search for where it is cheaper, but they buy it right away; touch or move his things. When they do not listen to advice, they do something in the house without asking the owner for permission. At the same time, when the Virgin forces herself to live on pennies. If he forces himself to restore order and cleanliness every minute. When accusing him of tediousness, teach life, in violation of order and cleanliness. Then the demon begins to start boring conversations. He accuses others of perversity. He puts tough ultimatums: either you do it or I leave. Threatened to deprive of material support.

Keywords: impaired health. Bad relationships at work. A large number of minor troubles.

Negative manifestations in the past can now give the following extremes:

  • At the lowest level – failure to perform their duties, neglect of duty;
  • On the average level – the victim of medical negligence, performer ungrateful work;
  • At the highest level – a man of duty, calm attitude to various kinds of trouble.

Active Lilith in Virgo: increases prudence. A person depends on trifles, does not notice the main thing, dissatisfied with everything. The love of cleanliness, order, and concern for one’s health turn into mania.

Passive Black Moon in Virgo: a person does not want to follow the hygiene, ruining himself.

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How to live with Lilith in Virgo?

  • Accept yourself in a situation where you are not busy every second order;
  • Do things that must professional manifestation of the qualities of Virgo. It is work that requires a clear decomposition of information. Monitoring compliance with cleanliness and order. Accountant, economist, all sorts of calculations. Trade, commerce;
  • Allow yourself to spend money not . Buy better one quality item instead of two cheap ones;< li>
  • Take care of your health, start with yourself. Do not drag others to the hospital, as they sneezed. Give them the opportunity to take care of themselves. Teach yourself to visit the hospital sometimes, and even more so if you feel unwell;
  • Do not force material on others. Give them the opportunity to earn money for their needs and decide for themselves what to spend money on. Do not impose your care. But if the person himself asks, immediately decide to help or not;
  • Accept yourself in a state where you are having sex for sex, do not cover it with any other motives;
  • Allow yourself sometimes obscene statements;
  • Be more open and emotional in expressing love.

When problems solved and experience gained, man realizes himself according to Virgo. He can not only maintain order in his apartment. But bring it across the country, such as George Washington. She can also study and systematize the knowledge of love. Can write books about big love and violent passions.

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