Lilith – Black Moon in Libra

Lilith is the apogee, the most distant point of the lunar orbit from Earth. Turnover for 8.85 years. Thus, is the strongest in years, multiples of 9.

Where the Black Moon located in the natal chart, the wrong side is shown, the negative highlighted. Here fate tempts. Lilit’s task is to identify this place. How we deal with the problem depends on us. There is an actualization of the point in the map through which the main psychological problems get out. Black Moon is an indicator of deep, primary issues. It is at their base that a whole bunch of secondary ones formed.

Karma manifested not only in Lilith, but also in all other positions of the natal chart.

Lilith in Libra

Lilith in the history

There are several Sumerian legends about Lilith. The most famous is the nameless story in the article by Charles Moffet. In it, Lilith is the patron goddess of her people. But the dark essence is obvious. So, her tears give life, but kisses bring death.

In Kabbalah Lilith is a devil. She is in a dream unmarried young men and seducing them.

The Middle Ages legends have changed somewhat. Lilith became the spirit of the night. Sometimes it appears as an angel in charge of the birth of people. Sometimes a demon, annoying asleep alone or wandering alone on the road. In the popular imagination she appears as a silent woman with long black flowing hair.

Lilith in modern demonology is no longer a goddess devouring children. Being a friend of Satan, she corresponds in one way or another to all Black Goddesses.

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Lilith in Libra

Keywords: imbalance, harmony.

Negative manifestations in the past can now give the following extremes:

  • At the lowest level – injustice in matters of justice, betrayal, courtesy;
  • At the middle level – the victim of deception, slander. There is no understanding in society, family;
  • At the highest level – complete independence in matters of relationships with society. Clear, clear position. Judge of human souls.

Active Black Moon in Libra: the difficulties of building relationships. The person tries to subordinate the partner. He imposes his habits and tastes on him. Can dwell on its appearance. The complex of narcissus violates a person’s ideas about harmony, the norm. In a relationship completely dissolved in a partner.

Passive Lilith in Libra: it becomes difficult for a person to make a choice. He hesitates. In relations with partners, he obeys and agrees with everything he told. Seeks to shift responsibility to others. Often contributes to the marriage of convenience. The person seeks to improve the financial situation and exist at the expense of the partner.

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How to live with Lilith in Libra?

  • Accept yourself in a state where you do not strive to be with a partner. Take care of yourself. Be self-sufficient;
  • Do things that must professional manifestation of the qualities of Libra. It is a job where you need to weigh everything, make decisions. Diplomacy, which requires the ability to negotiate. Business with a partner. Professions lawyer, prosecutor, judge;
  • Do not watch your partner, give him freedom and give yourself the same freedom;
  • Do not repeat any actions for a partner only out of revenge. If there is any desire, realize it yourself. Do not provoke a partner to do this to have a legitimate reason to repeat it. Let everyone decide for himself;
  • Do not win back your rights. Take it easy that even legal rights may not respected. Paper does not oblige anyone to anything, unless the person inside considers it to be a law for himself. But don’t give up when there’s no paper if you’re feeling right;
  • If you think you have a right to something, other people may disagree. Then you can get what you want from them only with cunning. Or, agreeing on beneficial terms.

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