Lilith – Black Moon in Scorpio

The essence of the Black Moon is freedom as a conscious necessity.

In the area where Lilith located, a person given the most choice. He can behave this way, and depends on him.
The universe sends signals, whether we act, practicing the Black Moon. In case of incorrect actions, the signal goes as a disease.

It often happens that a person works with disabilities. He already understood them, but the karmic retribution continues. In that case, he needs to take it. If he passes the path without bitterness, without rejection, the situation is easier.


Lilith in the history

Jewish astronomer also called Algol. And attributed to this point a place of bare truth and suffering of the soul.

Lilith, in the Sumerian mythology night demoness.

The ancients in Mesopotamia believed that she drank blood in children at night. She also seduced and tortured sleeping men.

In Judaism, Lilith was Adam’s first wife. Having asked God for the opportunity to bear children without the participation of a man. She received a spear. Particle of Lilith’s body, cut off by this spear, became human. In Jewish mythology it described that in return for this “gift” angels killed up to 1,000 of her children every day.

“For Eve was Lilith”, says the Hebrew text.

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Lilith in Scorpio

Demon manifests itself: when they show violent emotions, especially negative ones. If they do not keep themselves in tight limits when they state their complaints. Do not be shy. When a Scorpion accused of thinking about someone or plotting something evil. In cases when something does not suit, but he does not decide to change, he forced to put up with the circumstances.

In the demons of water signs, vampirism is passive. The Scorpio Skate is a silent image of resentment. Or else he will be portraying contempt, disrespect. He will provoke someone to shout at him, make a scandal. Himself may begin to insult, but not. In the most extreme cases, arrange a violent tantrum.

Keywords: violation of the manifestation of the psyche and instincts. Connection with dark forces.

Negative manifestations in the past can now give the following extremes:

  • Lowest level – sadism, secret vices. Crimes against human nature;
  • Middle level – a victim of violence, suicidal. Danger of rape;
  • Highest level – complete independence from low instincts. Avoiding violence and desecration.

Active Lilith in Scorpio: turns into an unscrupulous manipulator, ready to achieve what you want at any cost. He creates and loves acute situations. It also draws in others. To suppress the will of other people can use magic.

Passive Black Moon in Scorpio: man lacks own resources. He becomes an energy vampire.

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How to live with Lilith in Scorpio?

  • Work with your inner world, esoteric practices, psychology. Having accumulated the necessary experience, help others to transform;
  • Engage in a business that requires the professional expression of the qualities of Scorpio. Risky professions, rescuers. Work in reanimation, surgeon, doctor. Biology, issues of life and death. Or a business of their own. Leader, managing others. Psychology, esoteric practices;
  • Accept yourself in a state where you are not in control of all your feelings. Do not hold back emotions;
  • Do not be afraid to demand a decent payment for your work. If you limit career growth, pay little – do not be afraid to change jobs;
  • Learn to assess the level of riska. Do not lose more, trying to keep small;
  • Decide what is best for you – the image of a selfless hero-workaholic or decent wages;
  • Accept yourself in a state where you don’t wear an angel mask, do not please everyone;
  • Stop thinking about people in need of salvation, help. Start to take care and solve your problems;
  • If you dissatisfied with something, say so . Defend your interest. Do not be afraid to argue with your partner for fear of losing him. If the relationship is depressing, stop it;
  • Do not engage in ostentatious risk in extreme sports, etc. It is better to be ready to take a decisive step to change unfavorable work;
  • Do not be afraid to talk about your talents and abilities. Do not play false modesty.

When problems solved and experience gained, a person realizes himself according to Scorpio as much as possible. He can help people like a hypnotist or a psychologist. May use violent emotions for practical purposes. For example, to create a political image.

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