Selena – White Moon in Aries

Selena is an invisible karmic planet. She is often called the guardian angel. White Moon bestows grace and a sense of the highest meaning of life. With the help of her tips, we can change ourselves and the world around us. If a strong selenium is in a person’s horoscope, he becomes happy and gets powerful protection from higher powers. But even if the influence of the planet is weak, it can strengthened. Let’s find out the features of Selena in Aries.

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Selena in Aries

Selena in the history

Poets called her the “sparkling eye of the night”. Also portrayed as a charming woman in the sky, with a torch in her hand, leading the stars.

In ancient Greek mythologySelena – the daughter of Hyperion – titan, the sun god. It has wings and a golden crown on its head, from which soft light spreads across the sky and the earth. Selene is dedicated to the vernal equinox. Then she makes a long journey, is bathed in the waves of the ocean, puts on sparkling clothes and harnesses shiny horses into her chariot.

In heaven, Selena’s lover was Zeus.

In the highlands of Arcadia her friend was Pan. According to the story, he loved the moon. Then turned into a white sheep and drew her into the grove.

In Olympia Selena is shown riding a horse.

According to the euhemeric version, White Moon is the daughter of the people of Hyperion and Basilea, after the death of her brother she rushed from the roof of the house.

The XXXII hymn of Homer and the IX orphic hymn are dedicated to her.

The eponymous asteroid, discovered in 1905, is named after Selena.

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Selena in Aries

17.04.1953 09:47:33 – 16.11.1953 10:57:25
16.04.1960 23:45:50 – 16.11.1960 00:55:41
17.04.1967 13:44:06 – 16.11.1967 14:53:57
17.04.1974 03:42:22 – 16.11.1974 04:52:14
16.04.1981 17:40:39 – 15.11.1981 18:50:30
16.04.1988 07:38:55 – 15.11.1988 08:48:46
16.04.1995 21:37:11 – 15.11.1995 22:47:03
16.04.2002 11:35:28 – 15.11.2002 12:45:19
16.04.2009 01:33:44 – 15.11.2009 02:43:35
15.04.2016 15:32:00 – 14.11.2016 16:41:52
16.04.2023 05:30:17 – 15.11.2023 06:40:08
15.04.2030 19:28:33 – 14.11.2030 20:38:24
15.04.2037 09:26:49 – 14.11.2037 10:36:41

Selena in Aries supports man in the event of healthy activity. We need to act more around the house in which Selena located. The key word to this position is “effectiveness”. Support provided only if a person acts and with noble thoughts aimed at protecting justice. Here you need a complete commitment.

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It is also necessary to realize that high-frequency actions lead to order, and low-frequency ones – to chaos. Such a situation brings the largest benefit to people capable of good concentration performing an action. Help in sole proprietorships.

Keywords: luck in personal initiative. Good luck in the fight.

Karmic levels of Selena:

  • At the lowest level – the positive outcome of action. Invulnerability in fights. Obstacle robbery, up to physical destruction;
  • At the middle level – nobility, chivalry. Help the weak and disadvantaged;
  • At the highest level – a fighter against evil. Selfless service to good and light.

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