Lilith in Sagittarius – Black Moon

Lilit is the apogee point of the lunar orbit.

The average period of stay in one zodiac sign is 9 months. The time of complete passage of the zodiacal circle is 9 years.

Black Moon shows the moral and ethical problems of man. Without analyzing this indicator, consider a person’s horoscope and judge the amount of his evil deeds. In western astrology, fictitious planets are not counted. But without Lilith, it is impossible to understand how a person must pay karmic debts. Shows dark hidden states that may become clear. A man, knowing his temptations on the Black Moon, must avoid them.

Besides, it is like the “counter” of dark karma. Strengthens from every dishonest, criminal act of a person.

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Lilith in Sagittarius

Lilith in the history

In 1918, the astrologer Walter Horn provided the astrological community with a new planet. She was “much smaller than the moon. It was moving at a breakneck pace, which was why it was not even visible through a telescope. ” Horn called the new planet Lilith. He gave her astrological significance associated with the devilish energy.

Later, astronomers did not confirm the existence of a new planet. But the intuitive need of astrologers in finding an object that identifies a demonic entity remained urgent.

In the 1930s, the House of Noman introduced the average apogee of the lunar orbit. He called it Black Moon. The astrological significance corresponded to the meaning of the mythological Lilith.

Lilith in Sagittarius

Demon manifests itself: when they have no purpose, meaning of life. If you do not accept the idea, do not believe his prophecies. When they refuse to immediately follow the path proclaimed. If Sagittarius can not find a global goal, meaning. The demon is acting . Meet stormy scenes. Through threats and violence, forces him to agree with him and follow his idea. Especially with power. Thus, will seek to it.

Keywords: violation of the relationship with the teaching. Dangers away from home.

Negative manifestations in the past can now give the following extremes:

  • At the lowest level – desecration of traditions. Authoritarianism. Disrespect towards people;< li>
  • In the middle level – the victim of collective contempt. Outlaw society;
  • At the highest level – the ability to recognize false teachers. Independence from people’s opinions.

Active Lilith in Sagittarius: man at any price seeks to become famous. Too ambitious plans. Utopian dreams take a lifetime. Such a person does not tolerate when someone is luckier than him.

Passive Black Moon in Sagittarius: lack of personal opinion. Idealization of their “teachers”. It can become a fanatic of an idea imposed from outside, into a sect.

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How to live with Lilith in Sagittarius?

  • Work with your inner world, esoteric practices, psychology. Having accumulated the necessary experience, help others to transform;
  • Engage in a business that requires the professional expression of the qualities of Sagittarius. Work in the field of politics, religion, spiritual teachings. Professions requiring travel to other countries, communication with foreigners. The study of cultures and religions. Astrology, astronomy;
  • Accept yourself in that state where you cannot see the general behind the particular. Humble yourself if you do not have a global idea, do not see the ultimate goal at the moment. It is normal to perform some necessary actions at a particular moment. Assume that you are solving small household problems, and not making great changes;
  • Learn first from others. Study existing ideas in the field that interests you. Only in this way you will gain experience, on the basis of which you will then go out to your idea; </ li>
  • Do not impose on others your help in determining the religion, the goal of life. Easy accept the fact that others have a different faith, other ideas;
  • Respect your ideologies and spiritual teachings already in the world;
  • Instead of spending your holidays in your village or in your own city, go on holiday abroad. And the farther the better. Start traveling the world. Explore other countries, their culture; </ li>
  • Search for acquaintances with people of higher social status.

When problems solved, a person realizes himself according to Sagittarius as much as possible. The task of the demon is to catch the idea of ​​global change, which is already in the air. If he succeeds, he becomes known for his prophecies. Becomes a teacher carrying knowledge. He succeeds and transforms the world. Or it can make a discovery that can change the outlook of people, like Giordano Bruno.

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