lucky wedding days

Lucky wedding days

A wedding is an important event, and like any other important event it requires a careful approach in the date choosing. Surely, you have already made decision about the year and month. There are many folk omens. I will not confirm their truthfulness or refute it, I’d rather tell about the influence of lunar days on the wedding party itself and, more importantly, on the future joint life of the spouses. Auspiciousness of the lunar day in this case is very relative – it all depends on what they want and expect from the married life. But unfavorable lunar days for wedding are the same for all beloved.

Lunar calendar – bad days for wedding

There are some days of the Moon phase’s change in the lunar cycle. Generally, such days are considered as unfavorable and even satanic in some esoteric schools. In fact, these days of the lunar cycle – 9, 15, 19, and 29 – are simply characterized by a very powerful flow of lunar energy, which not all people can cope with.

In addition to such lunar days, which are unfavorable for any active beginnings, the 8, 11, 18, 23, 25, 26, 30 lunar days are also considered as unsuccessful for the wedding. A wedding on 1 lunar day is also not the best option. On the first day of the lunar cycle, it is preferable to start choosing the date of the celebration.

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Lunar calendar – lucky wedding days

There are many favorable days for the wedding in the lunar cycle, but each of them imposes a certain imprint on the future life of the couple. Therefore, most of the lunar calendars specify the type of people for whom the certain day is favorable.

So, 2 lunar day is great for weddings of people who want an active life. 3 lunar day – for the wedding of the risky extreme lovers, 5 – for those who addicted to constant changes. For a couple who dreams of a quiet life, the lucky wedding day is 6 lunar day. As for creative personalities, teachers and psychologists, their best days are 7, 21, 24. A wedding on 10 lunar day predicts a lot of children, and on 12 and 20 – a highly spiritual relationships. 13 lunar day is great for a wedding of scientists, researchers, students.

On 14th lunar day, it is worth to schedule a wedding ceremony for those who have been in a long relationship. It is good for the mature people to get married on 15 lunar day, but the youth should transfer the celebration to another day. If you are planning a wedding on 17 lunar day – fine, the married life will be happy and full of enjoyment. But, for this you must arrange a truly luxurious and very fun wedding! As well as on the celebration on 22 lunar day, the feast should be plentiful and generous. But not on the 27th lunar day – this day requires a very modest wedding.

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Lucky wedding days

Special days in the moon cycle

Keep in mind that there are a few special days in the lunar calendar which you can use to plan anything, including your wedding.

So, 1 lunar day of the cycle is created for planning, defining goals and desires, thinking through strategies in any area of your life. If you choose the date of the ceremony and discuss with your partner your vision of the celebration on the 1 lunar day, you will be surely pleased with your wedding.

7 lunar day activates the power of the word. Therefore, keep in mind that everything you say on this day will surely come true. Use the power of this day, saying aloud that your wedding and marriage will be happy. This way you can turn any dates into the lucky wedding days.

11 lunar day fills us with energy and confidence. Wishes of this day will necessarily come true! If you really believe in it and clearly know what you want. This day itself is unfavorable for a wedding, but it is very good for working with the wishes visualizing. It’s time to fill your wishes’ map with images of your happy married future.

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