Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo – work, attention, order

Venus in Virgo is a pedantic workaholic attentive to trifles. Venus in our natal chart is responsible for values, love relationships, our path to wealth. Virgo is an intellectual earth sign that adores order in everything. Let’s see how this position of Venus affects us in the natal chart of a man and a woman.

Venus in Virgo in the natal chart – values

Each person has his own values, priorities, and needs. For a person with Venus in Virgo, the main thing in life is practicality and efficiency. Such people are happy with the day if they were productive enough and fulfilled their plan.

Naturally, having goals and plans is also very important for Venus in Virgo. Such people need to work and they suffer greatly from idleness. In addition, for attentive to the details Virgo it is very important to live in an orderly environment. I mean that she feels great when cleaning up the house, put everything in order in business, and in thoughts. And she suffers if she is not able to overcome the chaos.

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Love and relationship in the natal chart

Astrologers believe that Venus in the natal chart of a man determines the type of woman who attracts him. And Venus in the natal chart of a woman points to effective ways for her to enchant men.

Venus in Leo in the man’s natal chart – what kind of women does he like

If your lover has Venus in Virgo, this is both bad and good news at the same time. It is bad because such a man is not distinguished by romanticism, sentimentality, and passion. He is rational and prefers a reasonable calculation in everything – even in feelings.

On the other hand, a reasonable calculation is not so bad. This allows you to build a truly mutually beneficial relationship, work on them and save for a long time. The owners of Venus in Virgo are often very faithful and devoted husbands and fathers.

To get such a man, you need to start working with him on any of his projects. His intellect needs powerful intelligence nearby. In addition, Virgo will always appreciate a hardworking, practical, attentive, modest and submissive woman.

But to keep him close for a long time, rightly praise him. Despite the seeming modesty, he secretly wants to hear gratitude for all his work and an honest compliment to him.

Venus in the woman’s chart – what’s your charm?

If you have Venus in Virgo on your natal chart, it makes no sense for me to tell you how to get a man. It may surprise you because Virgo is considered to be the place of the weakness of the love planet. However, your sharp mind and tremendous attentiveness allow you to study any man, to understand his habits, needs, dreams. And in order to conquer his heart, it remains only to approach him and point out the common thing between you.

You are an excellent devoted wife and to some extent a business partner for your man. In fact, in the long run, they need just that, right? 😉

Virgo effect on Venus

Wealth in the natal chart

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is also responsible for human wealth. In the case of Virgo, the stars have rewarded you with numerous talents that contribute to the achievement of material success. First, of course, you are hardworking. This quality will help you to achieve heights in any area. Secondly, your ability to plan. Third, your attentiveness. Fourth, your rationality. Emotions never prevent you from making the right decision. In addition, you have clear moral principles that you will not sacrifice for anything.

However, dear Virgos, you also have a barrier to success. You are too “right.” You are too strict with yourself. You often have low self-esteem. If you can work out these traits and start cooperating with someone a little more spontaneous and emotional… Everything will work out for you !!

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Transit Venus in Virgo

Even if Venus in Virgo is not in your natal chart, you will feel its influence during the corresponding transit. I will say straight away that this is a wonderful period for painstaking work, any crafts, training, investigations, cleaning up the house, planning cases and working out processes.

As for relationships with people or global new beginnings, then things are worse. During this transit, for many, self-esteem decreases and self-doubt increases. We become emotionally cold to each other and more critical. Moreover, with the negative aspects of Venus.

So, distribute your forces correctly in order to get the maximum benefit from each transit in the sky.

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