obsidian magical properties

Volcanic glass – obsidian magical properties

The non-crystallized lava of volcanic origin is obsidian. By its name this stone is due to the warrior of Rome Obsidius. As the legend says, Obsidius brought this stone to Rome, although in other parts of the world it was already quite famous.

In the literature, you can find a huge number of names of mineral (mountain mahogany, muslin and resin stone, «tears of Apache», «fragments of the bones of Satan»).

Maybe, that is why obsidian is a mascot-gemstone of the 24 lunar day. It is the period of the destruction of the old and the creation of a new. This means that obsidian gets the greatest power on the 9th day after Full Moon, and any rituals with it will be more effective at this time.

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Obsidian in different cultures

Obsidian is one of the most powerful stones, protecting a person from negative external influences. Thus, for example, in Transcaucasia used it as a children’s amulet since time immemorial.

The ancient inhabitants of America and Ethiopia produced obsidian mirrors. Often, ancient peoples used knives from obsidian on their ritual sacrifices and embalming.

The Egyptians stored the incense inside the obsidian vessels. Thanks to this, the substance retained its properties.

Later, the stone used in applied, sculptural, jewelry spheres of art. In Russia the most popular connoisseur of stone was Faberge. He used it in his works of famous people all over the world.

Most of the obsidian is now mined in Ecuador, Japan and Ethiopia, places with increased volcanic activity, as well as in the US, Turkey.

Obsidian in lithotherapy

Lithotherapists use a mineral to treat colds that result from hypothermia.

Also, obsidian is known for its beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract. Jewelry made of stone can normalize blood pressure.

To avoid diseases, you only need to wear obsidian jewelry. But, do not do this too often. Volcanic glass can affect the health status (for example, reduce the energy of the kidneys).

Mineral is useful to wear with neuroses, diseases of the spine, rheumatism. Helps obsidian with gout, diseases of the reproductive system, accelerates the healing process of the skin.


Obsidian magical properties and its impact on humans

It has long believed that obsidian helps to transfer even the most difficult tests. A stone can use as a strong amulet. He is able to create a barrier to destructive emotions, reflects mental attacks from the outside.

Also, obsidian stimulates people who lack initiative, they charge them with energy and desire to change their lives. But to update the protective talisman, it must be regularly cleaned!

Obsidian magical properties by colors:

  • Black. Releases negative emotions and relieves a person from them, improves self-control. The stone saves valuable energy, teaches us to apply it for the common good. It is a talisman of practicing mages and scientists. If you put the mineral under the pillow during a day’s sleep, you can get information from your bright ancestors;
  • Silver. This is the window to the inner world. Improves perseverance and patience. Strengthens the connection between the physical and the astral body;
  • Brown-red. Gives a person life force, removes energy blocks, strengthens the aura, improves blood circulation. It believed that the brown-red obsidian, the only stone that can help recover debts. This feature believed by bankers and buy it;
  • Iridescent. Soft energy and strong protective properties help a person understand their spiritual world. This mineral develops intuition, insight and the ability to foresee events. Obsidian protects the owner from evil eye, spoilage, curses. The stone guards on the road, restores the peace of mind of a person after unhappy love, protects from treason.


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