Mars in Aries

Mars in Aries – a super powerful sports car

Mars in Aries is in its best position. This planet is the ruler of this Zodiac Sign. Mars in the natal chart is responsible for a person’s ability to act, for his life “fuel”. Aries is a very active and energetic fire sign, contributing to the full manifestation of the qualities of Mars. Let’s take a closer look at how Mars in Aries affects a person and all of us during the corresponding transit.

What kind of fuel is in your tanks?

Although Mars is often associated with aggression, conflicts, clashes, in fact, this planet plays an important positive role. It is actually vital energy and the ability to act, without which people would not be able not only to develop but even to exist.

Mars in Aries in the natal chart testifies to the enormous vitality, efficiency, initiative, and willpower of a person. He has more than enough energy – the best fuel is poured into his tanks! And if we use cars as a metaphor, such a personality would be a cool sports car. One of the defining features is the phenomenal speed of reaction. Accelerates to 100 km / h in a second 🙂 Such a person is excited by competition, and obstacles and defeats make him work even more actively. Thanks to Mars in Aries, personality is naturally given good health, the endurance of the body.

However, every coin has a downside. Among the negative manifestations, impulsiveness is inherent in him, sometimes pushing him to dangerous actions. Therefore, despite the strong immunity, the life of such a person can be replete with various injuries, fractures, and so on. Another specific trait is that Mars in Aries is a sprinter, not a marathon runner. He does his best at a short distance and, accordingly, quickly burns out. He should alternate periods of activity with periods of passive rest to recuperate.

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Self-realization with Mars in Aries

All things considered, a person with Mars in Aries can be an outstanding and successful leader in any field of activity. He especially likes activities in which there is competition. For example, sports, military affairs, martial arts, serial entrepreneurship, social movements.

This person sparkles with initiative and can lead a large number of people, motivate and “ignite” them. However, for stable self-realization, Mars in Aries needs the help of calmer and measured people. If the team has people who can continue working at the moment when he burns out, the chances of success will increase tenfold. It is also important that someone else is in control of the finances. As a result of impulsive decisions, he can spend all the money earned in the blink of an eye.

Mars in Aries transit
SWOT analysis of Mars in Aries 🙂

Mars in Aries for a man – sexuality

Mars in astrology has a symbol that is used for masculine energy as well. So, the masculinity of Mars in Aries is 100% shown. Most often, this is a strong, muscular, brutal man. He is very sexy, known as a tireless lover. Unfortunately, such hypersexuality is difficult to contain within the framework of monogamy. Mars in Aries has a highly developed instinct of ownership, he seeks to master everything and everyone that he sees around – literally and figuratively.

However, such a man is usually honest and straightforward. He will not lie to his woman. You either accept him as he is or left him. After all, such a person does not accept any restrictions on his freedom.

Mars in the natal chart of a woman – your perfect man

In a woman’s natal chart, the position of Mars indicates which men she likes. If your Mars is in Aries, your ideal partner will be a “true man” in the classic sense of the phrase. He must be courageous on the outside, has a strong spirit on the inside. The one who can compete with others and win. Alpha male. Emotional, passionate, fearless, fast.

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Transit Mars in Aries

During this transit, all people on earth feel its influence. A level of energy and determination increases. We become more impatient and impulsive. The instinct of “conqueror” is manifested in us, and we gladly enter into a struggle of one kind or another. So, this period is perfect for competitions, contests, olympiads. We can be super-productive and achieve unexpected results. Therefore, it is very important to direct the energy of Mars in Aries in the right direction.

To help you with this, I will tell you which directions are wrong. Firstly, at this time, you should not clear up the relationships – with anyone, and especially with those who are important to you. It is fraught with serious quarrels and even fights. Secondly, you should not risk thoughtlessly: neither money nor health. Third, it’s best not to start projects from scratch. Mars in Aries is unstable and burns out quickly, so your projects run the risk of dying immediately after the end of the transit.

In general, with the positive aspects of Mars with other planets, this transit can be a very powerful impetus to the success and achievement of your goals. Keep up with the planets’ mood, and use any of their positions to your advantage! 😉

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