Mars in Taurus

Mars in Taurus – a pragmatic marathon runner

Mars in Taurus is a pretty good position for the planet. Taurus is a very stubborn, hardy, materialistic earth sign. Mars, meanwhile, is responsible for active actions, the achievement of goals, “fuel” of life. Let’s take a closer look at how Mars in Taurus affects a person and all of us during the corresponding transit.

What kind of fuel is in your tanks?

Mars is considered an aggressive and traumatic planet, but in fact, it plays an important positive role. It endows people with vital energy and the ability to act, without which we could not only develop but even exist.

Mars in Taurus in the natal chart gives the individual good health and a large supply of vital energy. And, what is even more important, the ability to distribute and apply this energy correctly. Let’s develop an analogy about cars and fuel. Unlike Mars in Aries, which we dubbed a sports car, Mars in Taurus takes a long time to accelerate. He is naturally slow, and also stubborn and conservative. However, if he has already decided to go somewhere, he will do it at all costs 🙂 We can compare him to a practical, fuel-efficient car that can go without a break for a very, very long time.

Mars in Taurus is a true marathon runner. Not fast, but hardy and purposeful. He knows how to plan, an excellent tactician and strategist. His actions are prompted mainly by materialistic wishes, the desire for comfort, and the satisfaction of physical needs. And on the one hand, this is great, since such a person almost always manages to achieve abundance and wealth.

However, there’s a flip side to the coin. Among the negative manifestations, he is characterized by avarice, hoarding for the sake of hoarding, imperiousness. The sense of ownership here reaches its maximum. Having got something or someone in his possession, he does not want to part with it. Excessive stubbornness and inertia of thinking cause many conflicts with partners. If you don’t want to share his views, he can show rudeness and cruelty.

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Self-realization with Mars in Taurus

The person with Mars in Taurus is a typical representative of business farmers. Not in the sense that he must necessarily work on the land and with food, although this is possible. “Farming” manifests in the planned, stable development of his business, which he does not want to share with anyone. Such a person will not want to give his share to anyone since the feeling of possessiveness is very developed. Also, he will not be a serial entrepreneur – he would rather build an empire that will become a legacy for his children.

This person often has artisan talents, knows how and loves to do something with his own hands. Hardworking, resilient, and calm in emergencies. Let’s add a wealth focus to that, and we will get a successful entrepreneur as a result. However, the modern world is changing very quickly, and you need to be flexible and adaptable to succeed. If this person does not accept it, his slowness and conservatism will play a cruel joke on him.

Mars in Taurus transit
SWOT analysis of Mars in Taurus 🙂

Mars in Taurus for a man – sexuality

Mars traditionally symbolizes masculinity, male sexuality. And Taurus, besides his perseverance and planning, is also a sign of carnal pleasures. No one else can enjoy food, home comfort, and, of course, sex so much. His innate sensuality makes him a great lover.

Besides, he can conquer any woman’s heart with his charm and perseverance. With loved ones, he can show sincere empathy, care, attentiveness. However, all this can evaporate in the case of a conflict. Remember that this sign is very stubborn and intractable, and if you disagree with him, scandals will alternate with periods of indifferent distance. Also, Mars in Taurus is very jealous and will not want to give personal freedom to the one whom he already considers “his own”.

Mars in the natal chart of a woman – your perfect man

In a woman’s natal chart, the position of Mars indicates what kind of men she likes. If your Mars is in Taurus, your ideal partner type is the Master. Practical, reliable, stable, able to do something with his own hands. Such a person, which will demonstrate the ability to protect you and provide everything you need. A materialist, not with the head in the clouds, but standing firmly on his feet.

Of course, he should be strong as a bull, but at the same time neat in appearance 🙂 It is likely that masculine power turns you on, and somewhere deep inside you would like to take a submissive position.

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Transit Mars in Taurus

During the Mars in Taurus transit, all people become more restrained and focused on the extraction of material resources. The quality of work is improving, we can work harder, longer, more thoughtful, and attentive. This period is good for regular, routine activities, for all kinds of handicrafts and mastering crafts, developing useful habits. Housework or gardening (for example, general cleaning, which requires several days of planned work) will be successful.

Also, this transit is suitable for starting new projects. Most likely, they will not become super successful in the blink of an eye, but stable progress and reliable income are guaranteed to you. And also, this is a good time for material acquisitions that will give you comfort, convenience, and coziness.

With the positive aspects of Mars, this transit can have a beneficial effect on your relationship. People are becoming more patient and calm, it is a great time to spend evenings at home with delicious food, fragrant candles, soft blankets, and other amenities 🙂 But remember: it is better not to give reasons for jealousy, and you should not argue about views.

But with the negative aspects of Mars with the planets, unforeseen losses, waste, and even industrial injuries are possible. So, keep an eye on the mood of the planets, and use their positions to your advantage!

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