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Moon in Sagittarius – how to use it and how it affects people

The moon has a huge impact on all alive creatures on earth. Under its strict guidance is the growth and development of living matter – from plants to human hair and nails. In addition, the moon controls our inner world – the sphere of emotions and feelings. Human life is influenced by various characteristics of the Earth’s satellite. Its current phase, the day of the lunar cycle, and, of course, the Zodiac Sign in which it is located.

During the cycle, the Moon passes through all 12 signs of the zodiac, stopping in each of them for two or three days. These days, this sign gains strength and also affects us – our mood, mental abilities, and much more. Let’s see what impact on us the moon in Sagittarius has.

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Moon in Sagittarius effect on people in general

Sagittarius is an active fire sign that encourages communication, learning, and travel. The days with the Moon in Sagittarius are great for joining a new team, putting together your own team, starting a study of any new discipline, going on a business trip or just going out with friends. Usually, Sagittarius provokes physical activity of a person, therefore sports competitions, team games, physical work on the fresh air will be successful. In addition, Sagittarius exacerbates a sense of justice. So, on such days, you can safely hold social actions, to defend your rights.

Sagittarius is considered to be a sign of average fertility, so you can plant various plants in your garden during the days of his lunar power.

In addition, astrologers claim that the moon in Sagittarius helps couples to conceive a boy.

Moon in Sagittarius depending on the moon phase

The phase in which the Moon is, passing through one or another zodiac sign, also exerts its influence.

So, New Moon in Sagittarius is a great time to get new information and put it into practice.

Waxing Moon in Sagittarius – the time of short-term random connections. An acquaintance on this day does not promise a long successful relationship.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is an ideal time to conduct various seminars, courses, and events, transfer skills, and knowledge.

Waning Moon in Sagittarius – conflict days, time to find out who is in charge here. Better to keep calm and avoid disputes.

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Moon in Sagittarius – the impact on humans by their sun signs

The moon in Sagittarius provokes the desire to communicate, even among avid hermits. The need to feel the authority, to become an example of imitation, a mentor for others, to disseminate information, to share the experience is growing. Tips for each zodiac sign during this period are as follows. If you are…

Aries, you need to expand your horizons this time. Travel and learn!

Taurus, deal with financial matters, be it taxes, alimony, etc.

Gemini, build new connections and develop existing relationships with people.

Cancer, exercise and take care of your health.

Leo, arrange a romantic evening with your loved one or go to find a new one.

Virgo, take care of domestic issues and family matters.

Libra, try to explain to others around your emotions and thoughts.

Scorpio, arrange shopping, make purchases, which have long dreamed of, and gifts to loved ones.

Sagittarius, take care of your appearance, visit a beauty salon.

Capricorn, relax, go on vacation, walk.

Aquarius, plan your future.

Pisces, be persistent in achieving your career goals.

Of course, the greatest influence on a person is made by his own lunar zodiac sign – that is, the sign in which the moon was at the moment of his birth.

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