Moon Zodiac Sign

Moon Zodiac Sign of your birth

In which Zodiac Sign was the Moon at your birth? Moon Zodiac Sign is no less influential than “Solar” one. The Moon is rightfully considered as the ruler of the emotional sphere of human life, and therefore the Sign of the Zodiac in which it is located has a great influence on the character of the newborn.

Moon Sign Pisces – sensitive and softhearted dreamers. Neptune gives a rich imagination, and it often easier for them to live in their own fictional world than in the reality. The representatives of this sign become great musicians, artists, writers – the people of art, that are inclined to rely on chance, inspiration and favors of fate.

Moon Zodiac Sign Aries – risky, purposeful leaders. They aspire to prove their superiority, able to do everything to realize their plans. Mars gives to representatives of this sign ambitiousness, restlessness and stubbornness; they are one hundred percent selfish.

Moon Sign Taurus – reliable and fair pragmatists. Most of all they value their own financial stability and comfort, they are very practical, and they can seem to be greedy and mercantile because of these traits. They are hidden enthusiasts and stubborn people who are striving for their goal, despite failures and obstacles.

Moon Zodiac Sign Gemini – the versatile intellectuals. Mercury empowers them with outstanding mental abilities, sociability, passion and adventurism. Lunar Gemini are successful businessmen, entrepreneurs, leaders. They have a wonderful intuition and everything they predict becomes true – even if there are only words not supported by facts.

Moon Zodiac Sign Cancer – the subtle psychologists, seemingly calm and closed, neat and hardworking. Due to the ability to feel people and the well-developed intuition, lunar Cancers will not fail with a risky and seemingly unprofitable affair.

Moon Zodiac Sign Leo – bright and regal personalities. They are generous, independent and, apart from having great ambitions, are able to work long and fruitfully. They are confident in themselves and spare no effort to achieve the greater and greater results.

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Moon Sign Virgo – practical and intelligent workaholics, very closed and cautious. They are independent and believe that self-reliance and self-respect give a person happiness and the peace of mind. Due to the ability to pay attention to small details, the representatives of this sign can deeply understand the technical issues.

Moon Sign Libra – creative people, that are often feel the discord with surrounding reality. Representatives of this sign more than others need a balance and harmony. When not finding it, they become extravagant, selfish and unreliable, challenge everyone around.

Moon Zodiac Sign Scorpio – gray cardinals and deft manipulators. They have a supernatural ability to analyze almost everything in the world, getting to the essence of each case. Representatives of this sign achieve the greatest success in the management of others’ or partners’ finances and resources. They get what they want, by playing on the dark sides of the people around.

Moon Sign Sagittarius – the idealists and incorrigible romantics. They are very passionate, honest and straightforward in their feelings and intentions, although others can accept these traits for superficiality and impermanence.

Moon Zodiac Sign Capricorn – the ambitious and practical strategists. Intolerant to frivolity. Live their lives like climbers, methodically and coolly conquering a peak after peak. Representatives of this sign are workaholics, but it is necessary for them to experience positive emotions during the work.

Moon Sign Aquarius – sensitive, persistent, intelligent and original. Independent in their decisions and not amenable to influence from outside. They may seem pretty cold and indifferent, but in fact they are just balanced and endowed with the ability to adapt well to different situations.

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