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Lunar birthday – characteristics (Waning Moon)

The lunar day of our birth endows us with its character traits and a set of abilities and opportunities, predetermines health, activity, and luck. Knowing the lunar birthday helps to better understand yourself and determine your strengths and weaknesses, traits that are worth developing, and situations that you should avoid. This article is a brief description of people born on the Waning Moon. About the people born on the Growing Moon, read here.

Lunar birthdays in the third quarter

16 lunar birthday – the highly spiritual contemplators. They are pure in heart, they feel their deep connection with nature, which charges them with energy.

17 lunar birthday – very sensitive and talented. For most of them, life is the search for their “second half”. Only having felt that their partner is the ideal one, with which they form a single whole, people of the seventeenth lunar day can find themselves.

18 lunar birthday – very gifted and creative individuals. They can realize themselves in many spheres, show creative talents in everything they do. People on the eighteenth lunar day can become beautiful actors, but they are subject to selfishness and vanity that can prevent them from the achievement of heights.

19 lunar birthday – the “gray cardinals”, intellectuals and implicit leaders. They are able to unite others, manage them, direct them towards the realization of the goals and get results.

20 lunar birthday – strong-willed wise men, able to rise above the bustle, surrounding people and themselves. They understand life more deeply than others, they are able to realize and accept the changes taking place in themselves and in the world around them.

21 lunar birthday – very strong individualities whose life path depends on their own choice. These active, purposeful, hard-working people with the extraordinary mental abilities can be defenders, fighters for justice if they develop such traits as courage, nobility, and honor.

22 lunar birth day – the stubborn intellectuals. Very smart and studying with ease, insightful and reasonable from the very childhood. They are able to “get to the root” and see what other people do not see, so they achieve success in any field of activity.

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Lunar birthdays in the fourth quarter

23 lunar birthday – the “punchy” perfectionists. They reach perfection in any occupation, their whole essence is to lead conceived to an ideal conclusion.

24 lunar birthday – the entrepreneurs and organizers. From the surrounding, they are distinguished by inner confidence, which gives them the strength and energy to carry out the most daring plans.

25 lunar birthday – the freaks in search of truth. Despite the external restraint and slowness, inside they are constantly working. People of the twenty-fifth lunar day are endowed with an unusual ability to analyze what is happening in the mind, without producing any active actions.

26 lunar birth day – despite the external slowness, and sometimes seeming detachment, live an active inner life. Their inner world is constantly subjected to reassessment and analysis.

27 lunar birthday – wise men, often astonishing others with their actions and thoughts. Throughout life they constantly grow spiritually, making qualitative transitions to new levels of development.

28 lunar birthday – the best advisers, mentors, friends. In essence, they are life-loving and immaculate people, bringing peace, mutual understanding, and love to others.

29 lunar birthday – affected by instincts and emotional states, and as a result are vulnerable to illusions, deceptions, and delusions. They can be addicted to the dark side of life. Falling under the influence of the negative part of their personality, people of the twenty-ninth lunar day doom themselves to a life full of failures and suffering.

30 lunar birth day – people of the high destiny, with some vital task for the whole world. These are truly rare people, beautiful, kind, wise, open themselves early, follow their ideal, monogamous. It is believed that if a person was born on the thirtieth lunar day, this is one of the last incarnations of his soul in our world.

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