Neptune aspects in astrology

Марс-Нептун в натале Neptune is a planet of mysteries and illusions. Its power manifests itself in the imagination. Neptune reflects fantasy and a propensity for mysticism. The planet has a strong influence on generations. Because of his small speed of the zodiac, he spends about fourteen years in each sign. The year 1846, in which Neptune discovered, was a period of renewed interest in spiritualism. Hypnosis and anesthesia for the first time entered a broad medical practice. Ten years later, Sigmund Freud was born. Until 1984, Neptune moved in Sagittarius. The world began to show greater interest in the ideas of liberalism and personal freedom.

аспекты Меркурия

Neptune aspects with Mercury

The planet Mercury bears the name of the god of travel and trade. In astrology, it symbolizes a keen mind, communication skills and the ability to profit. Mercury can give a person with excellent intellectual abilities, a mass of useful acquaintances.

Favorable aspects with Mercury

Mercury-Neptune Conjunction affects the manifestation of interest in everything supernatural and inexplicable. Dreamy nature and romanticism in a way make it defenseless against unexpected tests of destiny. People can fall prey to insidiousness or cruel deception.

Mercury-Neptune Sextile favors all creative natures. People understand religion and philosophy.

Mercury-Neptune Trine gives a rich imagination. Aspect is good for science fiction writers, authors of mystical novels. People can withdraw into themselves, feel uncalled for, avoid reality and naturalism.

Unfavorable Neptune aspects with Mercury

Mercury-Neptune Square pushes to make mistakes. Such a person prefers to think , often forgetting about important points. He does not know how to make rational decisions. It is not surprising that such people prefer to study music, write poetry. They love everything beautiful, are fond of mysticism. They are almost always not indifferent to different genres of art.

Mercury-Neptune Opposition indicates a lack of insight. These people do not have a clear relationship, they are easy to become victims of deception. You need to learn to keep secrets. Fantasy unlimited and almost uncontrollable.

аспекты Венеры

Neptune aspects with Venus

Venus named after the goddess of love, inspiration and beauty. Ancient Roman goddess Venus is like ancient Aphrodite. It protects love, romance, art. And the passion of her character expressed in a high temperature on the surface of the planet.

Favorable aspects with Venus

Venus-Neptune Conjunction increases emotionality. People sometimes become impractical and often hover in the clouds. Neptune is able to form a tendency to idealize the image of other people, so it is possible to disappoint in a close relationship.

Venus-Neptune Sextile pleases with the inner harmony of man. People are very gracious and pleasant. They should definitely try to organize an exhibition or events. Most likely the project will be very successful. In the lives of such people, there are often positive surprises.

Venus-Neptune Trine gives talent or a real genius in art. Novels are extraordinary, dating under mysterious circumstances, often associated with forebodings. Sympathize, affable to the destitute. Appearance contains something mystical.

Unfavorable aspects with Venus

Venus-Neptune Square brings problems with understanding of love itself and all its manifestations, in relation to itself. Possible excessive sensitivity or sensitivity without any excuse, even laziness. In the financial side and love relationships, prudence required.

Venus-Neptune Opposition fills life with illusions and creates a distorted view of the world. The love of pleasure and idleness contribute to alcohol and drug addiction. Neptune contributes to the concealment of facts from personal life, to their forcible detection.

соединение Венера-Марс

Neptune aspects with Mars

The ancient Roman god Mars was impulsive and craved for conquests. In astrology, the planet has become a figure capable of giving people energy and will in favorable aspects. It provoking destruction and adversity in the unfavorable.

Favorable aspects with Mars

Mars-Neptune Conjunction indicates a constant self-improvement of a person, because the potential of it is huge. He pays a great deal of attention to spiritual initiation and religion. Also, many people inclined to dance, they have excellent plasticity.

Mars-Neptune Sextile develops acting skills, which help such people in life. They can control emotions without harm to themselves. A calculating personality and a life strategy.

Mars-Neptune Trine makes people receptive and sensitive. The subconscious is productive, good imagination. Love of graceful things and art. Inspiration can affect others.

Unfavorable aspects with Mars

Mars-Neptune Square means the appearance of strange, incomprehensible desires. Often they do not correspond to what is in a person’s life. If desires suppressed, then irritability, nervousness appear. If it is not suppressed, then the appearance of drug addiction, debauchery is possible.

Mars-Neptune Opposition weakens the control of unconscious aspirations. In life, there is a mess. Non-standard needs in sexual relations can spoil marriage. Alcohol and drugs should avoided, they contribute to degradation. Possible neuroses, arising from the displacement of instincts. Neptune in the Zodiac acts as the Achilles’ heel. He has power over the subconscious, which in this aspect with Mars is very dangerous.

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Марс-Юпитер в соляре

Neptune aspects with Jupiter

In astrology, Jupiter handles the social ties of man, his self-affirmation in society. It gives a feeling of fullness of being, a desire to develop its capabilities.

Favorable aspects with Jupiter

Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction makes the appearance of a person often unusual. There is a chance to get a big profit. For example, getting a good inheritance or a good job offer. But relations with other people are not always smooth.

Jupiter-Neptune Sextile helps to analyze different points of view. Individuals are prone to loneliness and sentimentality, they are prone to frequent depressions. There are situations when people go to the monastery and there they begin to search for the meaning of life. Often the creative potential wasted.

Jupiter-Neptune Trine characterizes mental or weak Uranus emotional intuition. Mystical inclinations, interest in spiritualism. Love of ideas and demonstrations. Developed imagination, a penchant for art and music, as well as a love of philosophy and an interest in religion. Constant twisting in subtle matter distorts the sense of reality.

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Unfavorable aspects with Jupiter

Jupiter-Neptune Square generates the desire for travel and even mystical gatherings. Such an aspect can mean laziness, vanity, which leads to excess weight, an increase in the amount of fluid in the body and a difficult appearance. The impact of the planets on each other means more serious problems that state an inaccurate assessment of their position in the world.

Jupiter-Neptune Opposition distorts the notion of faith, the propensity to mysticism. People are able to sympathize, ready to help, but they do not know how to judge. Sentimental, why are unpleasant to others. It is necessary to be wary of alcohol, drugs, gas, various vapors.

секстиль Марс-Сатурн

Neptune aspects with Saturn

Saturn is one of the brightest planets in astrology, regardless of the position that it occupies in the horoscope. If you want to learn something about changes that cause a person to overestimate his whole life then first of all check the position of Saturn.

Favorable aspects with Saturn

Saturn-Neptune Conjunction handles contemplation and even mysticism. Mysterious events and inexplicable phenomena will cause constant interest. This will allow you to touch the future or look into the past. Characteristic are conflicts of a material and moral nature.

Saturn-Neptune Sextile creates idealism. People are very obligatory, they have huge requirements to the established values, they are responsible. As a result, the same qualities expected from others. Discipline, imagination used for practical purposes.

Saturn-Neptune Trine increases the scale of thought. The opportunity to cover global issues. People understand the human motives and formulas of behavior. They are often members of influential closed groups. For others, they have magnetism and attraction. Stand out in the crowd.

Unfavorable aspects with Saturn

Saturn-Neptune Square develops conflict situations with generally accepted standards of society. It shows meanness and betrayal, conflicts with representatives of the law. In particular, there may be a feeling that the current power structures are not capable of protecting the population.

Saturn-Neptune Opposition shakes life stability due to external circumstances. People can not assess themselves. They do not see contradictions and inconsistencies in their actions. Are capable to work much, but there is no patience, the competent approach to business and discipline.

трин Марс-Нептун в соляре

Neptune aspects with Uranus

Behind the planet Uranus watched from the end of the 17th century, although at that time a star seen in it. Neptune said the need for radical change. But they are rarely welcomed, because they put everything upside down. This planet claims that it is necessary to abandon the desire for financial success and stability. After all, attachment to material things does not allow you to become free.

Favorable aspects with Uranus

Uranus-Neptune Conjunction awakens our desire for change. But in this period it is important to take care not only about yourself, but about the environment. Aspect handles strong creative potential, which based on identity and sensitivity.

Uranus-Neptune Sextile makes people idealize everything. Fantasies manifest manifestations in creativity. So, the most suitable profession – designer, photographer, publisher.

Uranus-Neptune Trine especially affects people who were born in 39-45, the twentieth century. The aspect awakens an extraordinary interest in mysticism and everything occult. This generation is often prone to clairvoyance has a striking intuition.

Unfavorable aspects with Uranus

Uranus-Neptune Square disturbs the peace of mind. This manifested by uncompromising and grumbling. Characterized by difficulties with the study of information and with the practice of meditation.

Uranus-Neptune Opposition in the answer for a lot of stressful situations. It is important to make responsible decisions . Thus, problems with the psyche provided. With strong aspects, a conflict of feelings with intuition and will is possible.

аспект Марс-Плутон

Neptune aspects with Pluto

Pluto personifies wars and mass catastrophes. A planet of enormous collective energy, the ruler of nuclear energy. In astrology, this is the highest manifestation of Mars. But unlike the latter, Pluto is a collective planet, and it affects the destinies of entire generations of people.

Favorable aspects with Pluto

Neptune-Pluto Conjunction helps to understand the concealment of meanings in many life situations. Often an aspect associated with political changes in the country or society as a whole. Often people are devout and believers, they want to involve other people in their faith.

Neptune-Pluto Sextile affects the generation. Promotes the development of the spiritual component. It can symbolize the development of supernatural possibilities, giftedness in creativity.

Neptune-Pluto Trine is the most occult, long-lasting aspect. The general tendency to follow mystical tendencies, trust clairvoyance, intuition.

Unfavorable Neptune aspects with Pluto

Neptune-Pluto Square can cause overstrain in the mental and intellectual spheres. Duality of will and feelings can manifest themselves in the perception of the surrounding world. The desire to have power and to be the first controlled.

Neptune-Pluto Opposition responsible for the tendency to occultism and paranormal phenomena, tension in the mental plane. Subconscious instincts contradict the conscious desire for power. The features of opposition manifestation depend on signs and houses. The problems in the sphere of religion and social tension are unavoidable.

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