Saturn aspects in astrology

секстиль Марс-Сатурн The only planet that mentioned in the Bible. After the “Last Judgment”, Lucifer and his followers will sent there for 1000 years to the sulfur lake. And although Christianity is not very fond of astrology, the mention of Saturn makes it a key figure in the history of mankind. Saturn is one of the brightest planets in astrology, regardless of the position it takes in the horoscope. If you want to learn something about about serious changes that cause a person to overestimate his whole life then check the position of Saturn.

аспекты Меркурия

Saturn aspects with Mercury

The planet Mercury bears the name of the god of travel and trade. In astrology, it symbolizes a keen mind, communication skills and the ability to profit. Mercury can give a person with excellent intellectual abilities, a mass of useful acquaintances.

Favorable aspects with Mercury

Mercury-Saturn Conjunction makes the reasoning precise and logical. People are not afraid of hard work. Due to their persistence and endurance, they deserve the respect of their superiors. But it is necessary to divide time for dialogue with pleasant people or carefree walk on the nature.

Mercury-Saturn Sextile has a high degree of self-discipline and the ability to think . People do not let anything go on their own – every decision taken calculated a few steps ahead.

Mercury-Saturn Trine preserves natural conservatism, traditionalism in all views. Gives a good practical grasp, the ability to go to the set goals.

Unfavorable aspects with Mercury

Mercury-Saturn Square develops irritability and pettiness, this leads to problems in communicating with other people. People often become deceitful. It further exacerbates the problem of relations with the environment.

Mercury-Saturn Opposition in the worst case – cunning and weaving intrigues. Often problems in relations with colleagues because of a feeling of intellectual jealousy. In extreme cases – stubbornness and narrow-mindedness. Possible respiratory diseases, nervousness.

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аспекты Венеры

Saturn aspects with Venus

Venus named after the goddess of love, inspiration and beauty. Ancient Roman goddess Venus is like ancient Aphrodite. It protects love, romance, art. And the passion of her character expressed in a high temperature on the surface of the planet.

Favorable aspects with Venus

Venus-Saturn Conjunction indicates that it is possible to change several legal spouses. Financial success is due to people older in age. A healthy and intelligent approach to problem solving relieves stress in everyday life.

Venus-Saturn Sextile affects business activities. With a high degree of probability it is possible to earn very well. Artists surprise with their talent, they and without problems create real masterpieces. At the same time, if necessary, a person shows seriousness and vigilance.

Venus-Saturn Trine realize the power potential in partnerships, get influential and generous spouses and partners. Aspect makes people sociable, able to influence the public.

Unfavorable aspects with Venus

Venus-Saturn Square shows problems because of the difficulty of expressing you friendly feelings. Thus, with such influence of these planets, there is a tendency to over-emotional reaction to social norms of behavior. A significant problem is the management of the budget.

Venus-Saturn Opposition is fraught with disappointment and financial turmoil. Love failures and unhappy life. Susceptibility to depression due to Saturn. This destroys the joyful tendencies of Venus. Restraint of emotional manifestations complicates the relationship. Late marriage or lack of it.

соединение Венера-Марс

Saturn aspects with Mars

The ancient Roman god Mars was impulsive and craved for conquests. In astrology, the planet has become a figure capable of giving people energy and will in favorable aspects. It provoking destruction and adversity in the unfavorable.

Favorable aspects with Mars

Mars-Saturn Conjunction makes a person cautious (he does not hurry to make decisions in life and get to know people). Saturn indicates a hardness of character and gives a good impetus to further activity. To achieve the set goals, a person is ready to engage in the hardest work and do not rest.

Mars-Saturn Sextile helps to achieve success in working with technology. Such people are able to work long enough for the benefit of their goal. This aspect is typical for rather stubborn and independent personalities. Although this does not repel people around them.

Mars-Saturn Trine it is good for people bearing a big responsibility. Punctuality, dictated by Saturn’s mathematical precision, directs to work in engineering. Develops endurance in stressful situations.

Unfavorable aspects with Mars

Mars-Saturn Square contributes to a decrease in temper tantrums, which can form judiciousness and seriousness. But this does not mean softness of character. Rapid loss of interest in something does not allow a person to achieve his goal and build a career.

Mars-Saturn Opposition aggravates aggression. Superiority demonstrated through violence. In the pursuit of leadership, people usually get the rebuff of others. Professional development hampered by unexpected circumstances or authoritative personalities. The extreme case is criminal actions, military affairs.

Марс-Юпитер в соляре

Saturn aspects with Jupiter

In astrology, Jupiter handles the social ties of man, his self-affirmation in society. It gives a feeling of fullness of being, a desire to develop its capabilities.

Favorable aspects with Jupiter

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction helps a person control his thoughts and actions. Aspect gives a person a balance and a sound judgment.

Jupiter-Saturn Sextile is the best period for implementing plans and repaying debts. Aspect puts the living space in balance. Pleasant home atmosphere.

Jupiter-Saturn Trine develops foresight, as well as determination. But one should know that in the case of unfavorable aspects, the aspiration for fame becomes the idea of fixing.

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Unfavorable aspects with Jupiter

Jupiter-Saturn Square means hard and hard work, but not initiative and devoid of enthusiasm. There are errors in planning, including finances. Change of profession due to travel.

Jupiter-Saturn Opposition often associated with failures in a wide variety of spheres of life (in marriage or professional activity). People want to maximize themselves, but even small goals achieved with difficulty.

трин Марс-Уран в соляре

Saturn aspects with Uranus

Behind the planet Uranus watched from the end of the 17th century, although at that time a star seen in it. Uranium states the need for radical change. But they are rarely welcomed, because they put everything upside down. This planet claims that it is necessary to abandon the desire for financial success and stability. After all, attachment to material things does not allow you to become free.

Favorable aspects with Uranus

Saturn-Uranus Conjunction gives the opportunity to gain the ability to overcome difficulties. At the same time, he is able to help translate ideas into a real embodiment. Here, discipline combined with inner emancipation and freedom of thought. Those wishing to continue professional or career growth given unique opportunities.

Saturn-Uranus Sextile great for practical classes and for dealing with original ideas. Personalizes true freedom and opportunities, which originate from awareness of duty and self-control. Rewards reliable and sincere friends who will support not only with word, but with deeds.

Saturn-Uranus Trine handles the perception on an intuitive level of the device and the action of cosmic laws and the world order, the meaning of karma. Inspiration gets a way out in art and creativity. Steel will, determination.

Unfavorable aspects with Uranus

Saturn-Uranus Square fosters the confrontation between freedom and a sense of duty, the old way of life and the new. Strong family relations can observed, the desire to break long relations.

Saturn-Uranus Opposition is characteristic of dictators who do not have firm positions. Contradiction between the proclaimed principles and their own actions. There is no life stability due to external circumstances.

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Марс-Нептун в натале

Saturn aspects with Neptune

In mythology, Neptune is the god of the seas and oceans. In astrology, this connection represents the beginning of feelings and emotions. The planet connected with deep feelings and feelings, with unconsciousness, with mystical experience.

Favorable aspects with Neptune

Saturn-Neptune Conjunction provides concentration of will and mind. Together with inspiration, this helps to translate ideas into reality. Thanks to this aspect, people are able to look inside incomprehensible processes.

Saturn-Neptune Sextile gifted with foresight, ability to form tactics and strategies. This aspect helps to plan the course of a professional career, to solve secrets using a developed intuition.

Saturn-Neptune Trine develops a penchant for intrigue and behind-the-scenes games. Good for military figures, strategists, generals, helps researchers of the occult sciences.

Unfavorable aspects with Neptune

Saturn-Neptune Square generates uncertainty in their abilities, even a sense of fear can not be successful in the eyes of society. The organism exposed to infections and epidemics. Against the backdrop of deep emotional stress, a strong nervous breakdown can occur.

Saturn-Neptune Opposition responsible for the propensity to groundless fears and suspiciousness. For this reason it is difficult to get along with people. In extreme cases, people become prone to cheating or become victims of scammers themselves.

аспект Марс-Плутон

Saturn aspects with Pluto

Pluto personifies wars and mass catastrophes. A planet of enormous collective energy, the ruler of nuclear energy. In astrology, this is the highest manifestation of Mars. But unlike the latter, Pluto is a collective planet, and it affects the destinies of entire generations of people.

Favorable aspects with Pluto

Saturn-Pluto Conjunction sometimes called magical, because it can lead to a change during the world order and change of ideological directions. The aspect influences the emergence of great thinking abilities, increases insight.

Saturn-Pluto Sextile gives the opportunity to control the will and it is expedient to use it. This aspect helps to establish harmony with the outside world.

Saturn-Pluto Trine allows us to apply the laws and principles of subtle energies or . A positive aspect for physicists, occultists, clairvoyants, magicians, astrologers. In the presence of good aspects to Pluto and Saturn – a broad understanding of the picture of life and peace, a strong will, tireless work to achieve the goal.

Unfavorable aspects with Pluto

Saturn-Pluto Square strengthens the desire to gain power and brings it to the extreme. Collusion and various intrigues are possible. The constant change in the situation in society can cause frustration, a significant increase in the duties of a person.

Saturn-Pluto Opposition does not allow ambition to fulfill his dreams. Characterized by a person’s inability to realize his potential. To achieve success, it takes hard work and strong will.

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