Things You Need to Consider When Buying an Air Conditioner

You need an ac unit. Got it. Don’t just run out and randomly pick one out of a store though. Oh no. A bit more thought and consideration should go into this.

From the littlest things like finding the correct type of plug to the bigger things like cost and energy rating are equally important for your ultimate enjoyment. Grab a pen and paper and let’s get into it.

Pesky Plugs

This can be a headache if you don’t double-check that your outlet style matches the type of plug you purchase. It is very common for the majority of units to have a regular three-prong plug covering voltages from 115-120. If, however, you purchase a more powerful ac unit, you would need to alter and upgrade your circuit to avoid blowing a fuse and damaging your unit.

Some units require circuits that can accommodate up to two hundred thirty volts or more and come outfitted with special plugs. So before going shopping, know how many volts your circuit can withstand and take a screenshot of the outlet just in case it’s one of those fancy ones you don’t see quite often.

Price Point

ac unit price

Sometimes bigger is better. If you live in Florida or Texas, for example, you’ll agree that the more cold air circulating, the better. The heat can become so overwhelming that it results in causing heat exhaustion and heat strokes. To better regulate the body’s temperature a large unit may be needed. Or so you think.

A large unit comes with an equally large costing. But don’t be fooled that the unit needs to be great in size to do a spectacular job of cooling your home. A mini split air conditioner, though smaller in size, has the ability to outperform many types of ac units. Reduce the temperature in your various rooms based on your specifications.

No longer does the temperature need to be the same throughout the house. No. You want it a bit cooler in your master bedroom? Do that. A bit warmer in the nursery? No problem. Have more say for less. Units start under two thousand five hundred dollars. And make use of coupons to drop that price even further.

Unit Efficiency

You may have come across SEER or EER before. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or Efficiency Energy Ratio scores tell you how well your unit is doing its job. It measures just how much energy is used by your AC to cool your home and if it is able to maintain a properly cooled temperature over a period of time. And also whether it can keep your home warm during the cold seasons.

You don’t need to concern yourself with calculating this, what you do need to look out for is a unit boasting a high SEER score. The greater the score, the better the unit works. Keep in mind that according to the US Energy Information Administration, by 2023, all homes in Northern America that use an ac unit should ensure that the SEER score is fourteen or greater. Fifteen or greater for homes in the south.

The Noise Factor

This is no small matter for many people. Yes, they want a unit that works great but makes no noise doing that awesome job. Now, that is a difficult level to reach but some units come very close. Right off the bat, you want to avoid both portable units and those units which can be attached to the windows. They produce a substantial amount of sound that could easily become annoying. Split ac units, however, are extremely quiet.

Interior Design Aesthetics

Your ac unit should complement your space, not overtake or overwhelm it. You want something that blends into the design you’ve already created in your room. Not an addition of a large or clunky unit that takes up much space or requires a small demolition project to get it installed. Choose a unit that can blend easily into the surroundings, do its function spectacularly with little installation time or hassle.

You see why rushing into a store and grabbing the first unit you see just won’t do. Sure, you’ll be in and out in a jiffy but most likely you’d have to return the purchase because something or the other isn’t quite right. No detail is too small when deciding on a purchase that will be with you for a long time and greatly impact your comfort and health. Make a list of things that are most important to you and stick to it. With the multitude of options out there, you are bound to find your ideal unit.

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