Solar Eclipse December 14 2020

Solar Eclipse December 14, 2020 – expansion with a sense of purpose

Solar Eclipse December 14, 2020, is another step along the winter eclipse season, through which we will leave this year. This season began with a lunar eclipse on November 30, and we have two more important events ahead. It is the winter solstice on December 21, which will bring many influential aspects between the planets; and the Full Moon on December 30. We will talk about these events later, but for now, let’s focus on the nearest total solar eclipse.

The astrological meaning of solar eclipses

First, I want to say a few words about solar eclipses in general. In the old days, people believed that this phenomenon is very dangerous and negative, promising all kinds of disasters and misfortunes. Modern astrologers have been able to study this topic deeper, and no longer see everything in black and white. They found out that eclipse seasons are necessary for people for transformation, evolution, correction of their life path. Yes, such processes can be painful, but this is not at all necessary for those who are engaged in self-development.

As for solar eclipses, they have specific tasks for us. By completing them, you can find happiness and harmony. Moreover, during solar eclipse day, the entire Universe will help you complete these tasks easier and faster than ever. Here is a small list.

total solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse December 14, 2020, is favorable for getting rid of:

1. Negative manifestations of the Sun in a person’s character, namely selfishness, pride, boasting, avidity for flattery.
2. Problems in relationships with men (since the Sun is yang energy), children (since the Sun rules the 5th house of the horoscope), and bosses (since the Sun is a symbol of leadership).
3. Obstacles from the outside world (Sun = material world), which previously prevented you from fully manifesting yourself, showing your bright individuality.

Well, the above tasks are relevant for any solar eclipse. Now let’s look at what are the features of the Eclipse on December 14.

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Features of the Total Solar Eclipse December 14, 2020

So, this cosmic event takes place in the sign of Sagittarius. The Sign of the Zodiac, in which this or that phenomenon occurs, sets its main theme and energy. Sagittarius is a centaur, a unique symbol of the unity of animal power with human intelligence. Also, this is a reference to the Centaur Chiron, the greatest teacher of ancient heroes. It is not surprising that the archetype of this sign is the Teacher, wise by experience, who has seen a lot in life and found his purpose. The ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter, the planet responsible for expansion, growth, scaling. Its task is to open new horizons, expand the picture of the world, everything related to travel, learning.

And also, Sagittarius is not just a centaur, but a centaur aiming a bow. His arrow symbolizes a sense of purpose, a clear plan, determination to act. And these energies are echoed by Mars, which has a great influence on the Total Solar Eclipse December 14, 2020. The fact is that Mars forms a trine to the very point of the eclipse. It is a positive aspect, and Mars is a very active, courageous, proactive, and leadership planet.

The lunar nodes axis Gemini-Sagittarius

Among the interesting aspects, it is worth highlighting the conjunction of Mercury with the eclipse point. To understand its meaning, you need to learn a little about the lunar nodes. This eclipse occurs at the descending lunar node, so the axis Gemini-Sagittarius plays an important role here. The lunar nodal axis is a kind of thread from the past (descending node) to the future (ascending). So, Sagittarius, the eclipse itself, and Mercury this time find themselves on the Moon’s descending node, symbolizing our past. At the same time, Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, who is on the ascending lunar node.

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I hope all this did not confuse you very much 🙂 Below I give a list of specific tasks in which reflect all these aspects.

Solar Eclipse December 14, 2020, Tasks:

1. Learn to balance your instincts with the spiritual part (Sagittarius).
2. Engage in expanding your picture of the world, education, advanced training, travel (virtual for the period of quarantine). Scale your business projects, if any (Jupiter).
3. Set yourself clear goals and act boldly, show initiative, and leadership qualities (Mars).
4. Analyze your past and conclude to move further into the future (Lunar nodal axis + Mercury).

These tasks are the same for all humanity. Soon I will prepare an article on how the total Solar Eclipse December 14, 2020, will affect representatives of each Zodiac Sign. In the meantime, I suggest you learn more about the Moon, which is directly involved in this event!👇

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