типы дизайна человека

Types of human design – who are you?

Why do you need to learn your type?

Types of human design – there are only four and a half, and it would seem that this typology can not be exact with such wide coverage. However, the acquaintance with the characteristic of your type can provoke the amazingly important insights. All those thoughts, emotions, reactions, fears that you had in yourself during the all previous life, find its explanation and justification. So, you are aware of the interconnections inside and the cause-effect chains – a sudden insight that you have not been able to achieve in many years of introspection, falls upon you at one point.

Human design is a part of general Knowledge of the world’s structure, called the Design of Forms

Living Your Design

What is so special about these types, in the web of channels of the bodygraph, painted and empty centers? How does the data about the planets position at the time of your birth and 88 days before define all six aspects of a certain type of design? The creator of this theory, Ra Uru Hu, blame it all on the Voice (or Rave, and because of this the bodygraph is also called the rave chart). So, a mysterious Voice has revealed to him the secrets of the mechanics of creatures energies, the entire manifested world structure. How can such a large-scale science, combining quantum physics, biochemistry, genetics, astrology, the theory of chakras, the Book of Changes and Kabbalah, appear only due to the Voice?

Let’s leave these philosophical questions open and discuss them in the comments 🙂 In the meantime, I suggest that each of you touch the mystery of your own design and understand what does it mean – LIVING your design?
In simple terms, living your design means to be yourself. Be closer to yourself, understand yourself. And, to understand yourself through your bodygraph, we have six helpers – six basic aspects of the human design types.


36% of the world’s population. The solar energetic type.
design type generator
Inner Authority – Sacral and G-centers.
Aura of the Generator is the most open, welcoming, attractive, hugging.
Strategy is to Wait for an inner response.
Not-Self is initiation, the result is frustration and dissapointing.
Question – Are you still trying to do something?
Signature – Satisfaction.

Manifested Generator

31% of the population. Subtype of the Generator, with the only difference in the speed of manifestation of the response force. In addition to the sacral, the throat center is defined and connected with other defined center.


design type projector20% of the population. Solar non-energetic type.
Inner Authority – Heart Center and the center of the Solar plexus.
Aura is the most focused and absorbing.
Strategy is to Wait for an invitation.
Not-Self is Exhaustion and the absence of recognition.
Question – Are you still trying to find allies?
Signature is Success.


10% of the population. The solar energetic type. design type manifestor
Inner Authority – Throat and Heart centers.
Aura is closed, resilient and repulsive.
Strategy – to Inform.
Not-Self – Anger.
Question – Do you know about your power?
Signature – Peace.


1% of the population. Lunar non-energetic type.
There are no inner authorities, and no defined centers.design type reflector
Aura is testing, alike a teflon.
Strategy is to Wait for the Moon cycle.
Not-Self – to be like everyone else, the result – disappointment.
Question – Are you still trying to be someone?
Signature – Surprise.

Human design types are not the only thing we learn from bodygraph. Profiles determine the man’s role in life, his model of interaction with the surrounding world and has a significant impact on his character. There are so many good tools of self-discovery! And the analysis of your rave chart is a good start to a long journey to yourself.

Learn more about the influences you are experiencing right now 👇

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