how to use lunar calendar

How to use the lunar calendar

Lunar Calendar is a kind of calendar based on the period of the Moon phases changing. Also, it is called the synodic month. Interestingly, even though now mankind is actively using other calendars, the world’s very first calendars were lunar ones. In some cultures, for example, Chinese and Muslim, lunar calendars have survived to this day.

The Moon phase changing is regular and very easy to track with the naked eye. Ancient people noticed these changes and began to calculate time based on them. However, modern astrologers still use the lunar calendar. The fact is that the Moon has a huge impact on everything living on earth. Probably, our ancestors, who lived in a closer connection with nature, observed this influence. Even in those distant times, they found a connection between the change of moon phases, lunar days, and what happened in human lives.

How to use the lunar calendar for a man without astrological knowledge and skills?

Of course, modern astrology uses both ancient knowledge and new discoveries & technologies. Professional astrologers pay attention to the Moon phase, lunar day, the zodiac sign of the Moon, aspects that the Moon makes with other celestial bodies… This is a huge amount of information that is quite difficult to find and organize on your own. Nevertheless, do not miss the opportunity to start living in harmony with the Moon. It really can make you much more conscious, happier, more successful in all areas of life. Especially for those who want to learn how to use the lunar calendar, I have prepared a free email course.


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