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Lunar calendar of the dreams

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.
Terry Pratchett

Lunar calendar of the dreams

The lunar calendar gives us recommendations for every lunar day on a variety of issues. In particular, it suggests whether the dream will come true, depending on the lunar day in which we saw it. To find out whether your dream will come true by the lunar calendar, use the table below. In the left column, the days of the lunar cycle are numbered in order, and in the right column are the explanations for dream on each lunar day.

Check out the Lunar Calendar 2021 to see which lunar day was when you saw the dream, and then find it here:

Will the dream come true by the lunar calendar?

1dreams will come true, predict a positive development of events
2empty, meaningless dreams
3promise real events and their speedy execution
4will come true, but not soon
5only good and joyful dreams will come true
6will come true necessarily, prophetic, keep it in secret
7happy dreams, will come true if you do not tell anyone
8will come true in case of the correct interpretation
9dreams that foreshadow success will come true, but don't believe in nightmares
10only unpleasant dreams will come true
11any dream to the joy and will come true soon
12dreams that foreshadow luck and well-being will come true
13lead to the trouble and adversity
14dreams are heavy and lead to bad events, touch the window frame when waking up to move them away
15will come true, especially good
16inconsistent, empty, meaningless
17will come true and lead to success
18predict the profits and successful acquisitions
19promise discord and troubles, which can not be canceled
20will come true soon, in order to cancel the bad dreams just cry beforehand
21will come true
22dreams-warnings, if you'll understand, they will not come true
23chaotic dreams, the deja vu effect
24only good dreams come true
25will not come true
26unusual dreams that cheer you up
27meaningless dreams, do not think about them
28prophetic dreams, it is necessary to use them
29heavy and passionate dreams, take a contrast shower to get rid of them
30surreal dreams with a rational grain

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