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Waxing gibbous, or the lunar summer – features and tips

Waxing gibbous is the moon phase, which comes after the first quarter (the moment when half of the lunar disk is lit) and lasts until the full moon. This period lasts about a week, takes 6 lunar days.

You can identify a waxing gibbous with the naked eye if you do not follow the lunar cycle. Outwardly, the moon will remind you the letter “P” if you draw a wand to it. In addition, more than half of the lunar disk will shine in the sky.

Waxing gibbous – lunar summer (9th-14th lunar days)

Waxing gibbous phase is also called the lunar summer. The time, in which the Moon passes through all its phases, we can divide into four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter. Or to draw a parallel with human life – childhood, youth, maturity, old age.

Each moon phase has its own character, favorable for certain actions. And all this is very similar to the corresponding season of the year and the time of human life. Summer, youth is the time of active external action. The fruits on the trees ripen, young people are engaged in the realization of children’s desires and themselves in the outside world. This is a period of active steps towards dreams, the implementation of plans conceived on a waxing crescent.

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waxing gibbous phase

What to do in different spheres of life on the Waxing gibbous

Waxing gibbous, as I said, favors active, courageous, and stubborn actions in all spheres of life. However, in order for these actions to be successful, the Moon advises doing a few more important things.

Firstly, you need to get rid of the ridiculous fears that prevent you from going to your dreams. You need to identify real threats and protect yourself before giving all your energy to your goal. Ensure the safety of your home, life, body. Consider this issue without paranoia, but reasonable.

Secondly, on the way to the goal and during hard work a person needs a strong rear. The moon on the waxing gibbous advises to improve relations with the family, turn to the experience of the ancestors, get a mentor, teacher. It is very good on the waxing gibbous to create new traditions and honor old ones.

Thirdly, this period is perfect for charity, support, and motivation of the people around you. After all, they also work hard and need moral help.

Waxing gibbous is a wonderful time for unlocking potential, making novelty, experimenting in work, kitchen and bed 😉

Full Moon – the result of actions on the waxing gibbous

The way you feel on the full moon is closely connected with what you have been doing during the waxing gibbous. A full moon can be both an emotionally difficult day and doors to your new, better life. You can find out more about the full moon day and its features in this article.

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