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What Is SMS Marketing And How You Can Benefit From It

In today’s advertising world, SMS marketing has been considered a hidden gem in the industry.

Most consumers are confronted with numerous marketing campaigns and advertisements daily and have become quite knowledgeable at preventing those messages. By using ad blockers and changing their notification settings, consumers can decide to avoid your traditional marketing campaigns.

It is because of this that text message marketing, popularly referred to as mobile or SMS marketing, is fast becoming a viable means of reaching your customer base in real-time. There’s a high possibility that using this form of marketing, your message would be read.

Short Message Service is another term for texting — it’s equally crucial to marketing as social media campaigns. There’s nothing complex about it considering everyone uses a mobile phone and by default text messages. It’s a topic that every business enterprise needs to incorporate as it is beneficial for organizations looking to reach more customers.

1. There’s a High Tendency For it to be Opened

A major benefit of SMS marketing is the fact that 98% of the time, texts sent by a business are opened upon receiving them by customers. This makes text marketing an ad strategy with a higher open rate than other advertising methods. Emails can easily get sent to the spam folder never to be seen by the customers again; the same way it is also easy for fliers to be thrown as quickly as it’s picked up.

That’s not the case with text messages. It’s hard for anyone to ignore the buzz their phone makes when a message comes in. With the wide availability of mobile phones and the use of texting, it’s not very feasible for customers to ignore a text. More often than not, they are most likely to open the text and read its content.

If you’ve been looking for an easy way of reaching your audience consistently, text marketing is a great option. You don’t even have to have a detailed database. With the carrier lookup tool at, you can improve the quality of your database. The tool is very easy to use; just follow the steps on the site.

2. Always Suits Your Budget

SMS marketing is a cost-effective form of marketing compared to other traditional methods. Whether you’re sending to a few people or a whole lot of people, the cost is not a problem. When you compare the cost of what you’d spend to a Facebook or Twitter ad, you would realize that it’s much more affordable. That makes text marketing a fantastic option for any business — especially new businesses that would be keen on looking for a way to advertise their products or services without spending too much.

The fact that it’s cheaper than traditional marketing methods doesn’t mean it would be less effective; it only just helps your business tighten its budgeting where necessary. Join the train of companies, public and private, who reduce costs every day by sending SMS rather than sending letters or brochures.

3. Works Alongside Other Forms of Marketing

Like other forms of advertising, text marketing doesn’t have to be on its own. It can be merged alongside all the other ways you intend to market your business. SMS marketing just makes it quicker and easier for you to get a message across to your customers.

Is there a new product you want your recurrent customers to know about? Do you want more customers interested in your social media or maybe there’s a discount offer for people willing to buy via your online website? Send SMS to ha for that for you.

4. Customers Can Opt-In or Out

sms marketing benefits

You don’t want to drive your customers away with incessant messages. It’s always a great idea to give them the option to continue receiving texts from you or not. Sending out mass texts is a fantastic idea as it would give your customers the latest information in relation to your business, but you should let them make that decision. That way, if they like to opt-in, they will feel more comfortable with the way you run your business.

Plus, knowing how many customers chose to opt-in can provide information you can later use for other marketing strategies.

Furthermore, as you’re giving customers the option to opt-in, the option to decline messages is probably even more important. It’s far better for them to decide whether they want to keep receiving or opt-out than literally driving them away. Yes, they might opt-out, but there are still other ways to reach them that they’d feel comfortable with.

There are still other great benefits of SMS marketing. It’s still a form of advertising that has not been properly exploited. Your business can reach more audiences with text marketing; don’t overlook it.

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