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Сhalcedony magical properties – Gemstones Astrology

Chalcedony is a mineral that combines several subspecies of gemstones. Here are chrysoprase, carnelian, agate, onyx, sardonyx… Each of them has its own distinctive features, but there is much in common.

Its name is chalcedony due to the ancient city on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara – Chalcedon. This transparent, layered stone was popular in the East from old times. So, Mongols believed that chalcedony gives joy and chases sorrow. And in the Hindu scriptures, blue stones were considered the embodiment of the divine consciousness. Modern esotericists and astrologers talk about the ability of this mineral to restore the energy balance – remove excess emotions, add lacking strength, and so on.

Сhalcedony is a gemstone-talisman of 5 lunar day, the time of decisive actions and concentration on the goal. This means that chalcedony magical properties have the greatest power in the fifth day after New Moon, and all the rituals with it will be more effective at this time.

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The rules for choosing and working with chalcedony

It is necessary to admit: this mineral is wayward and not so simple in circulation. To use chalcedony magical properties for your happiness, you need to follow several important rules:

  1. Give preference to stones with bright, juicy color, transparent, not cloudy. Such characteristics indicate the strength and powerful energy of chalcedony, which it will be able to share with you.
  2. Note that chalcedony of different types and colors have several different abilities and vectors of influence. So, the red stone inclines its owner to frankness and active actions; orange one patronizes the artists; green – teaches patience; blue – sharpens intuition and makes thinking more productive.
  3. Fractures and cracks in chalcedony are places of accumulation and storage of information that a stone receives from the surrounding space. The more of them, the more knowledge this mineral will be able to store. Therefore, for rituals associated with the transfer and receipt of any knowledge, it is worth choosing a pebble with a lot of “voids” inside.
  4. Do not keep chalcedony on your body for too long. If the stone has already helped you to normalize your mental state, get out of depression and get rid of fears, take it off for a little while. Otherwise, the process will start in the opposite direction. It is a balance stone, and it will not tolerate a long emotional upsurge of the owner just like lingering apathy.

chalcedony gemstone 5 lunar day

Chalcedony in lithotherapy

Chalcedony healing properties come from its craving to restore the balance of energies. This stone:

  • Stabilizes blood pressure. Particularly useful for hypotonic, whose pressure is often below normal;
  • Normalizes heart rhythm, relieves arrhythmia;
  • Gives a healthy sleep, helps to fall asleep quickly and wake up with a feeling of vivacity;
  • Gives strength and energy during weakness after illness or psychosomatic weakness due to depression.

Сhalcedony magical properties and its impact on humans

It is interesting that this mineral is able not only to cheer up its owner and give him confidence but also enhances his attractiveness for others. Chalcedony magical properties are especially useful to artists, lawyers, speakers and lonely hearts “in active search”. So, this stone:

  • Attracts to its owner the attention of the opposite sex;
  • Gives the talent of eloquence, if you hold the pebble under the tongue for a while. You will speak more convincingly, and the brain will find better arguments faster;
  • Relieves anguish, fear, melancholy, aggression, energizes to move towards the goals.

On the 5th lunar day, when we have to work hard and stay concentrated, even a small pebble of chalcedony can help! Do not miss this powerful magical time with the Moon Calendar:

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