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Baby gender predictor – how to plan your future baby gender

Baby gender predictor can be based on the time of mother’s ovulation, her diet before conception, the peculiarities of the conception process and the lunar zodiac sign. In this article, we will look at all these ways. Knowing the complete picture will help you choose the method that is right for you, or maybe use them all at the same time.

If you are already pregnant and wonder “am I having a boy or girl?”, read this article.

Baby gender predictor based on ovulation time

This method is one of the recognized by modern science in order to predict the future baby gender. The fact is that “boys-sperms” are much quicker, but they live only 24 hours. “girls-sperms” move to the goal more slowly, but at the same time they live longer – 72 hours. Baby gender predictor by ovulation time based on this knowledge.

In order to plan baby gender this way, you will need to watch your body for a while and calculate the time in the cycle when you ovulate. When you can predict with confidence the time of ovulation, you can conceive a child of the desired gender.
Two days before the onset of ovulation – a girl (since the “boys-sperms” will not live to the desired moment), on the day of ovulation – a boy (since the “girls-sperms” will not have time to reach the goal).

How to find out the time of ovulation in order to plan baby gender

The easiest way is to use an ovulation test, which is sold in a pharmacy. Another option is to build a graph of basal temperature. You measure the temperature in the rectum throughout the menstrual cycle. After a couple of months, you notice a pattern – in certain periods the temperature rises. When the raised temperature lasted 3 days, ovulation begins.

Of course, for this method, it is extremely important that your cycle is regular.

For conceiving a boy it is better to choose sex positions with the deepest penetration possible.

Baby gender predictor based on mother’s diet

The University Clinic of Gynecology, Obstetrics, and Reproduction of San Jacques in Bezanson (France) conducted studies that proved that a mother’s diet can affect the future baby gender. At the same time, a diet for conceiving a girl should contain a lot of calcium, and for conceiving a boy – a lot of potassium.

Interestingly, this theory confirms by the phenomenon of the small Jinoji Island in Japan. It is called the “island of boys” because there are born 4 times more male children. Scientists believe the reason for this is the composition of local drinking water, saturated with potassium.

Diet for conceiving a baby boy

Diet for conceiving a baby boy

So, to conceive a boy, the expectant mother should eat:

  • tea, coffee, fruit juices, carbonated drinks
  • meat, fish, smoked meats and pickles
  • rice, pasta
  • bread, biscuits
  • dried fruits, fruits, and vegetables
  • dark chocolate, jam, honey, jelly

NOT worth eating:

  • milk and dairy products
  • seafood (except fish)
  • eggs, pancakes, and fritters
  • cocoa, milk chocolate, ice cream
  • cheeses

Diet for conceiving a baby girl

Diet for conceiving a baby girl

To conceive a girl, the expectant mother should eat:

  • milk and dairy products
  • mineral water with high calcium content
  • unsalted meat, vegetables
  • fish, seafood, eggs
  • cheeses
  • bitter spices
  • nuts

It is worth avoiding or minimizing the use of:

  • tea, coffee, carbonated drinks
  • dark chocolate
  • smoked and salted meals
  • dried fruits

Baby gender predictor based on lunar days

To plan the baby gender, it is helpful to seek advice from the Moon Calendar. Astrologers know that the lunar zodiac sign affects the future baby gender. The Moon passes through all zodiac signs during its cycle and stays by 2-3 days in each of the signs. Some signs contribute to the conception of the baby boy, other ones – to the conception of the girl. In the infographic below you will find all the details:

Conception Lunar Calendar

Be careful when planning the baby gender according to the Moon Calendar. Remember that conception does not occur at the time of intercourse, but later.

And, in any case, remember: a child of any gender is a blessing and a gift from the Universe. So do your best to meet him with all the love and acceptance that you have in your heart.

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