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Citrine magical properties – Gemstones Astrology

Citrine owes its name to its own coloring. From the Latin “citrus” translates as lemon yellow. This mineral is very warm and sunny, there are crystals from pale-lemon to amber-honey hues.

The trimmed citrine looks noble and expensive, so people call it “golden crystal”. It is a stone of material prosperity and abundance, patronizing public figures engaged in the transfer of knowledge and networking.

Citrine is a mascot-gemstone of the 7 lunar day, period, when the power of words and knowledge transmission reaches its maximum. This means that citrine magical properties get the greatest power on the 7th day after New Moon, and any rituals with it will be more effective at this time.

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Citrine in the history of different countries

Since ancient times citrine was a gemstone of privileged – nobles, orators, philosophers. Thus, in Ancient Rome only high-ranking people could wear jewelry with this mineral. In Medieval Europe, the nobility used the seal rings with citrine to seal important letters. Ladies wore rings with “golden crystal” to get rid of nightmares and headaches.

The inhabitants of the East were familiar with the citrine magical properties too. In the Feng Shui system, this mineral is able to purify the space from the negative and to attract abundance and wealth. Experts spread crystals along the dark corners of the dwelling to dispel the negative, which accumulates there.

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Citrine in lithotherapy

Nowadays, citrine magical properties are available not only to the rich and the authorities. Lithotherapists use solar mineral crystals to:

  • Improve the eyesight
  • Reduce allergic reactions;
  • Treat gastrointestinal diseases;
  • Get rid of problems in the genitourinary system;
  • Regulate the work of the endocrine system and most of the glands;
  • Quickly remove toxins;
  • Accelerate the processes of cell regeneration;
  • Improve brain work, prevent the diseases associated with violations of its work.

Interesting that citrine is able to work with chakras, cleaning them and contributing to the restoration of energy exchange between the centers. It has a special impact on Manipura – the chakra in the solar plexus, which is related to the ability of a person to take material wealth, prosper and rejoice.

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Citrine magical properties and its impact on humans

Citrine magical properties are especially useful for intellectual and active people – teachers, businessmen, travelers, people of risky professions. This mineral has a beneficial effect on the brain, enhancing the ability to concentrate, resourcefulness, the productivity of thinking, memory acuity. People who often appear in public cannot find more suitable talisman.

Citrine makes its owner a charming, eloquent, stubborn and determined person; a magnet for social love and cash flow.

In addition, citrine instills self-confidence in a person, relieves fatigue, and saves from burnout. This stone is necessary for vulnerable and sensitive people. It cools the ardor of emotions, brings pragmatism and common sense to any situation.

If you are familiar with the basic characteristics of planets in astrology, you have already guessed that the patron of the citrine is Mercury. Accordingly, this mineral is the best mascot for Gemini, Solar and Lunar.

On the 7th lunar day, when the power of words reaches its peak, even a small pebble of citrine can help! Do not miss this powerful magical time with the Moon Calendar:

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