Full moon energy

Full Moon energy – how to use it correctly? Practices

We have already written a lot about the full moon energy and how it affects the mood and behavior of human. Today I want to tell you about how to tame full moon energy to make it your assistant.

The fact is that on the 15th day of the lunar cycle the Earth satellite is endowed with tremendous power. Not knowing how to use it properly, a person becomes her slave. It usually ends badly. We cannot cope with heightened emotionality and mood swings. Scandal with colleagues and relatives, fall into depression and self-destruction.

Full moon energy – practices and affirmations

However, all this is not necessary. By the way, if you lived in harmony with the Moon since the beginning of this lunar cycle, you probably will not feel the negative influence of the full moon energy. In order to live in harmony with the Moon, follow the recommendations of the Moon Calendar 👇

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Also, you can use the help of the gemstone-mascot of the 15th lunar day – agate.

full moon phase symbol

In addition, you can arm with the power of affirmations. I am a supporter of the approach when each person independently develops affirmations for herself. But the basis on the full moon can look like:

“I fully control myself, my energy and desires, I control everything I own. I am the master and creator of my life.”

Full Moon energy – meditation of power

The symbol of the full moon day is the Snake. This creature is a symbol of temptation and sin, but also a symbol of wisdom and health. I suggest you relax and watch (in your imagination) the snake dancing to the tune of the full moon. How graceful and wise she is, how seductive and mysterious! Merge with it together, become this snake – the keeper of age-old wisdom. Dance with her. Feel your own power with which you control your emotions.

You are the master of your life. And it is only up to you to decide on what to direct the enormous energy that the Moon gives you today. For a wonderful dance or bite? For someone’s healing or seduction?

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