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Full Moon names and dates in 2020 – moon infographic

The Moon goes through all its phases in about 29.5 days. Once in such a lunar month, a full moon occurs – a time when the sun illuminates the entire disk of the Moon. It turns out that in every calendar month there is a full moon. Moreover, the full moon in each of the months has its own name. Interestingly, in 2020 we have as many as 13 full moons, that is in October there will be two full moons instead of the usual one.

Full Moon Names – Origin of Names

Full moon names, presented with dates for 2020 in the infographic below, are an invention of the Native Americans. Accordingly, the names reflect their life, culture, features.
So, in January, wolves of North America often howl at the full moon. According to the native people, animals yearn for the fact that in the middle of winter they have little food. A lot of snow usually falls in North America in February; in March, the first traces of worms appear in the thawed soil. In April, wild plants bloom in pink, and in May the floral paradise comes. The natives of North America traditionally harvested strawberries in June.

In July, male deer, losing their horns annually, begin to grow new ones. August is the best time to go fishing for sturgeon in North American waters. Well, September, of course, is a time to harvest! October is a good time for hunting. The trees lose their foliage and animals is easier to track down. Moreover, the full moon brightly illuminates the forest.

However, in October 2020, the second full moon occurs. When two full moons happen in one calendar month, astronomers call the second of them the Blue Moon.

As for November, beavers start building dams for the winter, and native North Americans set traps for beavers. And December is a cold, quiet, calm month, and is not very active.

full moon names 2020

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Full Moon Names – Instructions for Use

In most cases, modern man does not need to hunt, neither to fish nor to harvest in the field. However, full moon names need not be interpreted literally. If you look deeper, you can understand that the ancestors left us a special “astrological instruction”.

So, they advise us to show wolf loyalty and support our family at the wolf moon. At the snow moon – find out what is “hygge” and fill our houses with warmth and coziness. Worm moon – melt the ice in your heart and give others WARM smiles and hugs. Pink moon – arrange a romantic evening for loved ones. Flower moon – give flowers to people, including yourself. Strawberry moon – add to the life a little sweetness, treat yourself with something pleasant or tasty.

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At the Buck moon, give the preference to activities that develop your grace and plasticity. Sturgeon moon – turn a profitable deal or make a successful purchase. Harvest moon – sum up the year, harvest the results of your previous actions. (By the way, in many cultures earlier the year began in September.) Hunter moon – it’s time to set new goals and develop a plan to achieve them. Blue moon is a magical moment when we should be attentive to the signs of the Universe. Beaver moon – make a list of what will please you and support on the way to goals and stock up on it. And finally, on a Quiet moon, it is worthwhile to carefully meditate 🙂

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