Gardening Lunar Calendar

Gardening lunar calendar

Gardening lunar calendar is based on observations and many years of experience of people working with the plants and ground. The Moon phases and its location affect all life on Earth, including plants. Thus, each day of the lunar cycle has its differences, and the Gardening lunar calendar contains appropriate recommendations for each lunar day.

General rules of gardening in harmony with the Moon

There are general laws of working with plants relative to the Moon phases, tested for years. For example, on the days of the full moon and new moon, it is better not to plant or transplant anything. This will have a bad effect on the growth and development of the plant. Why? During the full moon, the plant juices are concentrated in its upper part – the stem and fruits. In the new moon – on the contrary, under the ground, in roots and tubers.

On the same rule, the following recommendations for planting and sowing are based. What is planted with the growing Moon is programmed for more active growth upwards. And, what is planted on the decreasing one will grow more active under the ground. Accordingly, root crops should be planted on decreasing Moon, those plants that bear fruit above the ground on the growing one.

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Gardening, Moon, and Zodiac signs

In addition, Zodiac sign, through which the Moon passes, also exerts its influence on plants. For this reason, astrologers divide Zodiac signs into fertile ones, signs of the medium fertility and barren ones.

Fertile Zodiac signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Signs of the medium fertility: Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn.

Barren signs: Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Leo, Aquarius.

Considering these basic rules and the characteristic features of each day of the lunar cycle, astrologers developed the Gardening Moon Calendar.

Gardening lunar calendarGardening Lunar Calendar 2021 contains specific recommendations for sowing, harvesting, choosing tools or just taking care of your lawn, depending on the day of the lunar cycle. The general description of the day contains information about the Zodiac sign, in which the Moon is now. So, with the lunar calendar you can easily distribute your time correctly. It helps you choose the day to plant with the aim to get a perfect harvest.

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