как использовать биоритмы человека

Human biorhythms – what is it and how to use it?

All life on Earth develops cyclically. Just take a closer look, and you will notice a certain regular periodicity in everything. Change of the seasons, tides, day and night in nature, a woman’s menstrual cycle… Everything has its own cosmic logic! Including our general condition. The human biorhythms are responsible for it. Their count “turns on” at the very moment our birth.

Human biorhythms – what is it?

Scientists distinguish three main biorhythms: physical, emotional and intellectual. They have a common reference point – the date of the human birth. However, each of them has its own length, which eventually leads them to “run away” from each other. So, physical biorhythm lasts 23 days, emotional – 28 days, and the longest, intellectual, – 33 days. Due to the biorhythm’s nature the person is in a positive phase during the first half of the cycle, and in a negative – in the second one. How to use your biorhythms knowledge? What if the intellectual biorhythm is at the peak, and the emotional biorhythm is at the pit?

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Human biorhythms – how to use it?

We have prepared a table for you. With it, you can choose the most appropriate strategy, taking into account the combination of your biorhythms. For this, determine where in the coordinate system your biorhythms are in relation to zero. For example, on the graph below at point 12, Tuesday: physical -, emotional +, intellectual -. Next, find this combination in the table.
human biorhythms

Biorhythms, and what to do with them (table)

what should I do?
+++anything, and the more, the better! You are now at the peak of your abilities. Use it!
++_team sports / recreational games, outdoor activities with friends in the nature, volunteer activities
+_+independent intellectual work. Light the aroma lamp with cedar essential oil and take on the most difficult tasks
+__go to the gym to work on the simulators or go for a run on your own / with a dog
_+_get enough sleep and go out with your friends
_++intellectual work in team : brainstorming, meeting, interview, attendance of conferences and trainings
__+independent intellectual work. Drink magnolia tincture and take on the most difficult tasks
___humble yourself with the fact that you are not productive now. Stock up with your favorite goodies and watch movies / read in bed

In the Personal Calendar, your biorhythms are automatically calculated. Then, you can track your condition on the current date online, every day. It is very handy! Just take a look to the calendar – and you immediately know how to correctly plan your time to save the energy:

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