Favorable days in the lunar calendar

Favorable days in the lunar calendar

As is known, astrologers distinguish favorable days in the lunar calendar and unfavorable ones (so-called “satanic”), based on the nature of lunar energy. Unfavorable lunar days are considered as such because of the high activity of the Moon. Its energy in these time intervals is so strong that not every person can cope with it. Hence, unpredictable, aggressive behavior, outbreaks of conflicts and misunderstandings, dangerous situations appear. And if with unfavorable lunar days everything is quite understandable, then what about the favorable ones?

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What does it mean, favorable?

So, the main thing is to answer the question. For what purpose am I looking for the favorable lunar day? Do I need a favorable day for haircut, or for planting plants, or for fishing? After all, every day can be favorable for something. The thing is that every day of the lunar cycle has its own character and preferences. Thus, every lunar day can be favorable, if your goal corresponds to his preferences. In the table below we have collected for you the key characteristics of all lunar days of the coming August. As favorable, it indicates good dates for risk, bold steps towards the dream. However, I repeat, that in your power to make favorable your every day.

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Favorable days in the lunar calendar for August

Character of the day
08/1tension, chaos, negative emotions, the desire for happiness, courage, fear overcomingunfavorable lunar day 🙁
08/2family, traditions, gardening, cohesion, patriarchy, the strengthening of tribal ties, foundation, return to the origins
08/3self-control, focus on goals, energy management, honestly with yourself, the real estimation of the forces, increased energy, unpredictable reactions in interpersonal relations, assertivenessfavorable lunar day! 🙂
08/4meeting with your true nature, the choice between the material world and the spiritual, a sense of unity with the universe, altruistic activities, gratitude, wisdom
08/5raising awareness, establishing a connection between a small and a global goal, selfishness overcoming, an additional source of energy, correction the fate
08/6activity, efficiency, self-confidence, impetuosity, persistence, adjustmentfavorable lunar day! 🙂
08/7certainty, the logical conclusion, victory, success, the highest point of the energy, self-control, active life, astral war, austerity, self-disciplinefavorable lunar day! 🙂
08/8preparation for proper rest, applying the finishing touches, the analysis of the traversed path, establishing harmony between yourself and the result achieved
08/9rest, relaxation, joy, fun, holiday, inner freedom, positive perception of reality, liberation
08/10honesty, serenity, correcting the deficiencies, changing for the better
08/11an increased self-control, a danger of injury, check the assimilation of the past "lunar" lessons, transform the negative qualities into positive ones, the liberation of all unnecessary, restoring an orderunfavorable lunar day 🙁
08/12awareness of your goal, look at your life with bird's eye view, adjusting, understanding that it's not by accident, active life, doubts overcomingfavorable lunar day! 🙂
08/13activity, creativity, creative thinking, teamwork, efficient motion forward, a quantum leap, revolutionizingfavorable lunar day! 🙂
08/14the final stretch, self-control, the comparison of your efforts, understanding your uniqueness, concentration on your path in life, insight into the secret symbols
08/15harvest, proper completion of cases, understanding your mistakes, radical reforms, sacrificeunfavorable lunar day 🙁
08/16the destruction of the old things to create something new, self-acceptance, thoroughness
08/17apathy, emptiness after the task completion, strength recovery, proper rest, psychological adaptation
08/18smooth transition from apathy to the new goals, start the motion, exposing the evil, understanding the essence of the life process, following the rhythms of nature, a clear awareness of your own attitudes
08/19goal awareness, a sense of inner rhythm, following the natural flow of energy
08/20peace, recovery connection with divine essence, self-knowledge, the introduction of light into all areas of life, the divine karma
08/21danger, increased self-control, spiritual transformation, cleansing the Augean stables of the inner worldunfavorable lunar day 🙁
08/22the end, rest, recovery of strength, altruism, love and harmony
08/23increased energy tone, caution, self-control, work
08/24information, the ability to respond adequately, selection, analysis of the current situation
08/25transformation, modification, integration, association, increasing load
08/26relaxation, meditation, transmission of thought at a distance
08/27relaxation, meditation, transmission of thought at a distance
08/28the power of words, creativity, different side of reality, the depth of understanding, communication skills, speech controlfavorable lunar day! 🙂
08/29rebirth, transition to a new level, privacy, inner freedom, courage, open-mindedness, relax
08/30tension, chaos, negative emotions, the desire for happiness, courage, fear overcoming
08/31family, traditions, gardening, cohesion, patriarchy, the strengthening of tribal ties, foundation, return to the origins

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