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Lunar birthday – characteristics (Growing Moon)

The lunar day of our birth endows us with its character traits and a set of abilities and opportunities, predetermines health, activity, and luck. Knowing the lunar birthday helps to better understand yourself and determine your strengths and weaknesses, traits that are worth developing, and situations that you should avoid. This article is a brief description of people born on the 15 first lunar days of the cycle. About the people born on the Waning Moon, read here.

Lunar birthdays in the first quarter

1 lunar birthday – dreamers, who stay children for a lifetime, waiting for a miracle. They have strong thinking power, and if think positively, they’re very lucky.

2 lunar birthday – the pragmatic activists. Due to the highly developed intuition, they are able to accurately determine for themselves what they need, they are well versed in people.

3 lunar birthday – the fountain of assertive, desperate energy; resolute fighters, warriors. They are very active people who often become the successful athletes, military, public figures.

4 lunar birth day – mysterious – both for others and for themselves. Self-knowledge and introspection are the most important words in their life.

5 lunar birthday – the sort of “fairy tale heroes.” In their lives, sudden unexpected changes often occur, mostly, very successful. These people are sensitive, inquisitive, creative and full of energy for the realization of their goals. The combination of activity and luck allows them to realize their desires and dreams.

6 lunar birthday – freedom-loving and endowed with extrasensory abilities. These are very deep, multi-faceted, creative personalities with an unusually developed intuition.

7 lunar birthday – the great speakers and masters of the word. They are creative, eloquent and charismatic people with a good, strong and beautiful voice. It is important for them to find the use for their talent, otherwise, they are risking to become gossips and very superficial people.

8 lunar birth day – very original and artistic. Under the influence of the sign of lunar birthday, such people have the ability to “reborn”. Their whole life is the “spiral” development, the loop after the loop, they pass their way.

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Lunar birthdays in the second quarter

9 lunar birthday – often perceive life as a struggle, and it’s most important to courageously accept all its challenges. The struggle for external and internal purity is the development of those who were born on the ninth lunar day.

10 lunar birthday – the favorites of society, energy donors for others. Using their attractiveness to the common good, these people become happy and successful.

11 lunar birth day – very creative and often unpredictable people. Their energy is very strong, but people of the eleventh lunar day can realize their energy potential only “with a soul”, only in a matter that they sincerely wish to do.

12 lunar birthday – great peacekeepers, very kind and merciful persons, sincere altruists. They have open hearts, feel the desire to help others. Often, people of the twelfth lunar day are ready for self-sacrifice, and because of this trait, they are suffering a lot. However, such people aren’t afraid of suffering.

13 lunar birthday – innovators and inventors. They have a special gift – to perceive the world in a completely different way. Everything that the people of the thirteenth lunar day come into contact with is painted with the new colors. Thanks to their inherent sensitivity, they are able to feel the more subtle worlds, from which they derive their energy and inspiration.

14 lunar birthday – the principled and strong-willed leaders. They are people, with whom the crowd will go; independent, active and purposeful. Luck accompanies them in any aspiration which corresponds to their nature.

15 lunar birth day – the rebels, who live in the moment. They are very intelligent and often endowed with creative talents, which cannot be fully realized under anyone else’s pressure.

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