lunar calendar for lovers

Lunar calendar for lovers

The Earth’s satellite is powerful enough to control the ebb and flow of the oceans. Moreover, the Moon is the ruler of human emotional life! Each day of the lunar cycle has a certain effect on our state. It can provoke the disclosure of certain qualities of character, sets the general emotional background. So, on some days we are so tense that we tend to inflate conflicts from scratch. And, other lunar days contribute to building understanding between people.

Lunar calendar for lovers contains many useful tips for each lunar day. All of them can not be placed in one post, so I wrote separately about the sexual life by the lunar calendar and weddings. And now we will talk about everything else 🙂

Lunar calendar for lovers – unfavorable days

Firstly, let’s single out two heavy, unpleasant and stressful days in which we should remain calm and avoid empty quarrels with our loved ones. It is better to postpone serious talks for tomorrow when you can soberly assess the situation. Such periods fall on 9 and 29 lunar days. If you have realized that the relationship is oppressing you and nothing helps, 19 lunar day is the best time to break off relations or get a divorce.

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Lunar calendar for lovers – favorable days

If you want to make a step forward in the relationships, for any brave actions choose 2, 5, 15, 21, 27 lunar days . To start any joint projects with your loved one – creative, working, wellness – choose 21 or 24 lunar day.

From time to time it is useful to get an honest conversation and analyze your behavior in the relationship. This is best done on 4 and 18 lunar days. And for joint tests, trainings, visits to the family psychologist choose 25 or 26 lunar day.

For the first meeting with the partner’s family, 10 lunar day is best suited. Choose 17 for a loud party, and 20 – to share your memories about your love story. If you dream of taking a bath with your loved one, it’s best to plan it on 16 lunar day. Meanwhile, 22 lunar day is a good time for the romantic dinner. And if you have something to apologize to your loved ones, do it on the 8 lunar day.

Couples Moon Calendar is your encyclopedia of happy relationships. Recommendations for the diverse sexual life, the best dates for a wedding, acquaintance with parents, going to a family psychologist… And that’s not all! Using it, you can support each other in the hardest moments. Learn about each other more, avoid boredom and smooth the adaptation process.

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