lunar hair care

Lunar hair care – health and beauty moon calendar

Lunar hair care includes all modern beauty routines. Haircuts, coloring, styling, nourishing masks, hair extensions… The centuries-old experience of many generations of women from different parts of our planet, combined with modern technologies, can make wonders! Today, using the recommendations of the lunar calendar, you can solve any problem. From split tips to dandruff and slow hair growth.

How does it work? Let’s figure it out.

lunar hair care

Lunar hair care – why is hair so important?

In many cultures of the world since olden days much attention was paid to hair. So, in some nations, a man chose to marry that girl whose braid was thicker and longer. The fact is that at the instinctive level, we always choose the most healthy partner to create offspring. To this day, even without planning to have children, a person falls in love with health and considers it beautiful.

Hair (like skin, nails, body proportions) is a kind of mirror of our health. Thick, shiny, long hair with all its appearance declares: “Everything is OK with this body!” Therefore, it is important to look after your hair not only for your own satisfaction with the reflection in the mirror.

Pay attention to your hair if you:
• understand that problems with hair are only a consequence of deeper health problems, and you want to solve them.
• Want to find a soulmate, dream of love and marriage.
• Strive to build a career or business. After all, people choose healthy and beautiful not only in love matters but also in working relationships.

Lunar hair care – the basic principles

What is the difference between lunar hair care from the usual? In general, everything is simple – the whole point lies in the selection of successful dates for certain procedures. Choosing a favorable lunar time for cutting, nutrition, styling, you enlist the powerful support of the Earth’s satellite.

The moon strongly affects living matter on our planet. It is no secret that under its control are the ebb and flow of the seas and oceans, plant growth and fruit ripening, animal behavior. However, people are living beings too, and the processes in our body are closely related to the lunar mood.

For example, in the period of the waxing moon, all living things grow faster – including our hair, nails, skin renewal. And the waning phase, on the contrary, slows down growth and development. In addition to the lunar phases, lunar days also affect our bodies. Every lunar day – the time between two moonrises – has its own character. Some lunar days contribute to the maximum absorption of nutrients, others make our skin more sensitive.

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moon hair care

How to apply lunar hair care in everyday life?

Knowing which hair treatment procedure is favorable for a particular lunar day, you can get the best result. For example, if you want to cut your hair for growth, you should choose a suitable day on the waxing moon. If you plan hair coloring, pick a good lunar day for it. Sometimes the mood of the moon can be such that the dye will not last on your hair even a week. (With the excellent quality of dye and undeniable skill of a hairdresser).

In addition, lunar calendar recommendations can give you ideas of procedures that you have not thought about before.

Also do not forget that the health and beauty of the hair are closely related to your diet, use of vitamins. In our moon calendar, there are tips for healthy food for each day, favorable dates for starting a course of vitamins intake, and so on.

In general, if you decide to try lunar hair care, use our Moon Calendar. Here you will find everything you need for health and beauty – for you and your loved ones 👇

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