Venus aspects with other planets

Venus aspectsVenus is a neighbor of the Earth in the solar system. This sensual, passionate, capricious planet was reasonably named in honor of the goddess of love, inspiration, and beauty. As a brilliant queen, Venus shines in the sky and is visible to the eye without a telescope. The passion of its character is expressed in the high temperature on the surface of the planet. It is the hottest one in our system. Its unpredictability reflects in the direction of rotation, opposite most other planets. Well, finally, an opaque layer of acid clouds endows Venus image with the mystery.

Roman goddess Venus is similar to ancient Aphrodite. She protects love, romance, art, everything beautiful and sublime. In all Venus aspects with other planets, they are the key concepts.

Mercury aspects

Venus aspects with Mercury

Mercury is the closest to the Sun and the fastest, bears the name of the god of trade, travel, and communications. This god in ancient Roman myths often served as a messenger, the first one who learns important news from the supreme authority. In addition, he was taking the dead into the underworld. Mercury was always close to a certain mystery, possessed extraordinary mental abilities, perfectly established contacts and extracted material benefits from every situation.

The intellect of Mercury, interwoven with the sensuality of Venus, creates a specific impact on people, their propensities, the general atmosphere of the day.

Favorable Venus aspects with Mercury

Venus-Mercury Conjunction enhances a synthesis of intellectual abilities with a wonderful taste and a thirst for peace, love, and harmony in people. The musical and literary talents, gracefulness and charm. Venus endows a person with coquetry and some carelessness, and Mercury – with eloquence and a pinch of irresistible passion.

Venus-Mercury Sextile is an even greater charm. Patronizes successful communications, conferences and other similar events where people share knowledge. It is a sign of productive partnership, successful trading operations, establishments of new useful and pleasant acquaintances.

Venus-Mercury Trine pushes people to flirt and romantic adventures, noisy parties, various pleasures and laziness. Strengthens artistic talents, such as oratorical and acting skills. Awakens the desire to make everything around beautiful, even the everyday things.

Unfavorable Venus aspects with Mercury

Venus-Mercury Square makes a person inconsistent and unstable. Under the influence of a spontaneous impulse, he can plunge headily into adventures, which will regret later. Subjective, unflattering reasoning, a perverted understanding of beauty.

Venus-Mercury Opposition demonstrates excessive sensitivity, and nervousness in people . Increases the craving for eccentric antics, diversity, risky and non-standard actions.

Venus-Mars Conjunction

Venus aspects with Mars

This militantly red planet owes its name to the ancient god of war. Mars inherited the character of its patron, his tenacity, fearlessness, courage. Active actions to achieve goals, defend their own interests and borders – a natural pastime for Mars. But, when the resolute conqueror is in a bad mood, expect trouble and destruction.

Favorable Venus aspects with Mars

Venus-Mars Conjunction endows people with charisma, sensitivity, and demandingness to loved ones. Passionate, strong, but short-lived emotions and feelings, hot temperament, high sexuality. Gifted cupid, who can create couples. During the period of influence of this aspect, many romantic relationships and works of art born.

Venus-Mars Sextile is a less flippant aspect than the previous one. In this case, love is strong, faithful, durable. Love for all living things, mercy, optimism. Luckiness, energy, success in dealing with the opposite sex. Everything turns out by itself.

Venus-Mars Trine generously endows people with creative talents, amorousness, craving for pleasures and adventures. Easy money getting, but not saving them. Amplification of self-reliance, popularity, fame, national love.

Unfavorable Venus aspects with Mars

Venus-Mars Square – capriciousness, extravagance, idle way of life. Increased, uncontrolled sexuality, which leads to promiscuous sexual relations. Aspect activates low passions and instincts, encourages the use of alcohol, drugs, harmful food.

Venus-Mars Opposition is an aspect of the loss and sad consequences of imprudence. Possible venereal diseases, large losses due to reckless money spending. Conflicts and quarrels in any interpersonal relationship. Aggravation of jealousy, manifestations of aggression and violence.

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Venus-Jupiter aspects

Venus aspects with Jupiter

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, called astronomers in honor of the supreme ancient Roman god of thunder and lightning. Great thunderstorms on Jupiter really happen. Do you remember the red spot on the side of this planet? This is nothing like a storm, discovered by scientists three centuries ago!

Like the all-powerful ruler, Jupiter is wise and generous in astrology. He ensures that everyone gets what they deserve: someone – thunder and lightning, someone – generous material and spiritual gifts.

Favorable Venus aspects with Jupiter

Venus-Jupiter Conjunction is a very generously aspect, promising all sorts of benefits. Prosperity, generosity, enjoyment, and laziness. The attention of the opposite sex, happy long relationship, marriage. Friendliness, hospitality, a developed sense of style and artistic taste.

Venus-Jupiter Sextile promises gifts of fate, support of influential people, luxurious entertainment. In days under the influence of this aspect, it is easier to find a common language with anyone. Success will accompany those whose goals are highly spiritual and aimed at the common good.

Venus-Jupiter Trine is the favorable aspect for making the body and home beautiful. A successful period for fashion designers, stylists. Promises material success, harmonious relations with relatives, contributes to the establishment of order in finances and affairs.

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Unfavorable Venus aspects with Jupiter

Venus-Jupiter Square is a sign of financial loss, dangerous adventures, deception, infidelity. Health problems as a consequence of an incorrect lifestyle. Vanity and excessive gullibility can play a cruel joke with you.

Venus-Jupiter Opposition exacerbates monetary problems with debts and loans, impulsive bad investments are possible. A propensity to lie and hypocrisy, problems, and quarrels in relationships because of financial distress. Demonstrating your excessive self-confidence is dangerous.

Venus-Saturn Sextile

Venus aspects with Saturn

Saturn, the next planet after Jupiter, has a name of the god of time, cast down from the throne, severe and cruel. According to myths, he ate his own children, fearing the threat from their side. Saturn in astrology is incredulous, cautious, loves solitude and diligent work. This planet does not accept idleness, bad-quality labor, and noisy parties. At the same time, it helps to concentrate, prioritize and create a competent action plan.

Favorable Venus aspects with Saturn

Venus-Saturn Conjunction promises reliability and loyalty in a relationship, but restrains romantic feelings. It sharpens the sense of duty and ability to work, allows you to soberly and reasonably look at things. Justice will prevail.

Venus-Saturn Sextile is a sign of success as a result of a long and hard work. It shows a tendency to self-sacrifice for the sake of others. It exacerbates the ability to feel and understand others, fosters relationships with children and parents. The desire to take care of someone, create savings, know the measure.

Venus-Saturn Trine is the right time for charity, volunteer work, help to the needy. People under the influence of this aspect become noticeably more diligent, more focused, more rational. A good period for creating a deposit or piggy bank, planning a family and working budget.

Unfavorable aspects with Saturn

Venus-Saturn Square foreshadows a period of problems in communications, misunderstandings, conflicts. Satisfaction with life is absent. The flowering of pessimism, the desire for solitude, asceticism. Disappointment, indecisiveness, shyness.

Venus-Saturn Opposition increases internal anxiety, fears. The period of losses, relations without love, apathy, a dramatization of small domestic problems. The risk of taking on excessive responsibility.

Venus-Uranus Trine

Venus aspects with Uranus

Uranus, a planet with an eccentric blue color, has an original and very creative character. A huge fantasy and a thirst to create accompanies every Uranus aspect. This planet reasonably has a name of the ancient god, who had many different children: giants, cyclops, nymphs, goddesses of revenge… Uranus in astrology can reveal a genius in man – or make him mad.

Favorable aspects with Uranus

Venus-Uranus Conjunction gives people inspiration, lots of original ideas, awakens fantasy and the pursuit of freedom. The behavior of a person under the influence of this aspect is unpredictable and spontaneous. A tendency to confuse any emotions with love feelings. Romance and drama.

Venus-Uranus Sextile promotes the establishment of romantic relationships, the sudden marriage. Emphasizes people’s charm and attractiveness, the desire to create beauty, to shine in society. Luck in love, skillful flirting, the ability to charge space with your emotions.

Venus-Uranus Trine is favorable for the sale of innovative ideas and inventions, management, mediation. Patronizes writers, artists, and musicians in their promotion and popularization. Optimism, interesting communication in an unusual company, spontaneous adventures are successful.

Unfavorable aspects with Uranus

Venus-Uranus Square exacerbates impulsiveness, infantilism, and whims in people. Dramatic relationships, full of vicissitudes. A hasty marriage and a quick divorce. A lot of unfinished projects.

Venus-Uranus Opposition makes us careless and inconstant. Mood swings, fast-paced and disappearing feelings. In the period of this aspect it is better not to believe anything that is happening around, and not to make responsible decisions.

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Venus-Neptune aspects

Venus aspects with Neptune

Neptune is similar to Uranus by fantasy, and both these planets have a similar composition. However, if Uranus gravitates towards rebellion and eccentricity, Neptune’s features are in its ability to feel people and to come into contact with the subtle, invisible worlds. This planet provokes the intuition developing, shows a propensity for mysticism, raises sensitivity to energies. The name of Neptune belongs to the god of the seas and oceans, and it is receptive and spiritual, like water.

Favorable aspects with Neptune

Venus-Neptune Conjunction enhances dreaminess, romance, detachment from reality. A good period for healing, carrying out various practices, medicines preparing. The aspect protects all mystical, highly spiritual things. People become easily suggestible and more vulnerable.

Venus-Neptune Sextile solves all problems with the help of intuition, prophetic dreams, and forebodings. Success in work in the sphere of services, education of children, social projects. The emergence of platonic love, the beginning of an unusual relationship, strange and original.

Venus-Neptune Trine is the aspect of business success, especially in the sphere of education, art, event organization. A lot of pleasant surprises, profitable offers, successful conclusion of deals. A good period for smoothing conflicts and resolving disputes.

Unfavorable aspects with Neptune

Venus-Neptune Square promises a tense struggle between mind and feelings. Temptations, problems in sexual life, neurotic states. Under the influence of this aspect, it is easier to fall into dependence on alcohol, drugs, gambling.

Venus-Neptune Opposition strengthens distrust in the relationship, a tendency to betrayal. A love triangle is possible. Lack of discipline, the desire for quick easy earnings will leave you with nothing. Fanaticism, disappointment, mental illness.

Venus-Pluto aspects

Venus aspects with Pluto

Pluto is a dwarf planet in the cold darkness, the smallest one, but significant in astrology. Named in honor of the god of the Dead kingdom, frightening the ancient Romans. Today the planet Pluto intimidates us no less, promising radical twists of fate to all who fall under its influence. The orbit of Pluto has an unusual shape, due to which sometimes it is closer to the sun than Neptune, then runs to the very edge of the solar system. “Extremes” is the very word that perfectly conveys the nature of this planet in astrology.

Favorable aspects with Pluto

Venus-Pluto Conjunction means deep feelings, loyalty, a fight for your own values. Enhancement of sexual desire, vivid emotions. The desire to possess, insatiability, and passion grow. Successful financial operations and creative implementation for those who will be able to channel passion and enthusiasm into their work.

Venus-Pluto Sextile favors the leaders of large teams, politicians, teachers. Creation, not consumption. Inventiveness, the manifestation of organizational abilities, oratory.

Venus-Pluto Trine helps people control the subconscious, neutralize negative emotions and traits, get rid of unnecessary feelings and connections. Bright positive experiences, unusual pleasant adventures. Strong relationship, the power of love, able to resurrect from the ashes.

Unfavorable aspects with Pluto

Venus-Pluto Square promises neglect of morality; lust, violence, jealousy. Lack of money, excuses, throwing responsibility on other people’s shoulders. Fatigue, exhaustion, disease on its background.

Venus-Pluto Opposition contributes to problems in the relationship due to the inability to restrain aggression. Under the influence of this aspect, people can not control their emotions, dramatize the situation, and show a tendency to suicide.

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