new moon rituals for abundance

New moon rituals for abundance – attracting money & wealth

New moon rituals for abundance is a great way to spend the first day of the lunar cycle with benefit. If you dream of abundance, you can make it your intention, and then you can manifest your intention with the help of the Moon and magick assistants. Of course, the word “abundance” has many shades and everyone, perhaps, has its own meaning of it. But today we’ll talk about material goods. How to always have a little bit more money in your life then you really need?

New moon rituals for abundance – psychological tricks

Modern magic actively uses the achievements of science, in particular, psychology. If you are interested in the title of this article, you most likely do not currently have as much money as you want. And, probably, for good reason – something bothers you. Before any ritual to receive something, I always recommend getting rid of something extra. After all, if between you and your wealth is a wall, new moon rituals for abundance may be powerless before it.

And the new moon itself is arranged in this way: the day of the dark moon (29th in the cycle) energetically means purification and deliverance, and the next 1st day of cycle contributes to the manifestation of intentions.

Therefore, I propose to begin new moon rituals for abundance on the 29th lunar day. Our task today is to identify the subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs that prevent the flow of abundance from entering your life. To do this, arm yourself with a notebook and pen and do two exercises.

new moon rituals for wealth

Identify blocks on the path to abundance

First, think about your answers if someone asks you why you have so little money. This can be a painful process, but the result is worth it. A part of you should become a cruel, ironic critic and bring another part of you to emotions. If someone really asked you why you have so little money, why you haven’t achieved anything in life, you already know that such questions cause a storm of emotions. But it’s great! After all, this condition contributes to the opening of your deep beliefs.

Write down everything you want to answer. Let it be aggressive, desperate, sad, whatever. Perhaps after this exercise, you will already see a conviction that prevents you from becoming rich.

The second way to identify limiting attitudes is to remember your childhood. What have you heard about money and wealth in your family? Immerse yourself in the memories and write down everything that comes into your head. Is it done? Now you surely see a wall that stands between you and abundance.

New moon rituals for abundance – the 29th lunar day

Of course, one can work with limiting beliefs for a very long time – visiting a psychologist, a coach, meditating and using affirmations. But we will add a little bit of magic because we are talking about moon witchcraft 😉

Take a complete list of what you want to get rid of on the dark moon. Equip a sacred place with magical items – candles, crystals, herbs. Burn your list in the flame of a purple candle. It helps to get rid of bad habits, including thinking habits. In addition, you can use essential oils that help cleanse everything that is unnecessary. Ask the moon and the four elements for help, and be sure to thank them.

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New moon rituals for abundance – 1st lunar day

If you have already read several articles from this category, you probably realized that all the rituals of lunar magic have a common algorithm and laws. New moon rituals for abundance are no exceptions.

We will again need magic items that are representatives of the four elements. Each candle, each crystal, type of herbs and essential oil has its own magical properties. The secret is to select items with properties that match the purpose of your ritual. So, for a money ritual, we can choose green candles; essential oils of orange, bergamot, cinnamon; ginger and dill herbs.

In addition, a mandatory part of any ritual is an appeal to the moon and the elements for help, as well as an expression of gratitude to them. You can also draw a card from any deck you have, and get some advice from a higher power.

New moon rituals for abundance should be pleasant and simple. Be sincere in your communication with the Moon, and she will thank you generously for this.

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