Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio – welcome to the spiderweb

Mercury in Scorpio has a strong influence on the character of the person in whose natal chart it is present. In addition, all people, without exception, feel its influence during the corresponding transit. Since Mercury is responsible for our thinking, communication, trade, and travel, the character of Scorpio lays its mark on all these processes. Let’s look at this position of the planet in more detail.

Mercury in Scorpio in the natal chart – thinking

Here Mercury is dominated by a powerful water sign. The main features of human thinking with Mercury in Scorpio is a thirst for truth, a craving for complex tasks, a search for subtext and root causes in everything. The love of mysticism, intertwined with skepticism, gives the desire to explain everything mysterious. Such a person occupies his mind with extremely complex and confused questions.

The desire to find the essence in everything makes it a skillful manipulator. He immediately sees the weaknesses of others, the causes of their actions, and receives control levers. This is a skilled puppeteer, a gray cardinal, who constantly calculates complex schemes in his head.

He is naturally given a wonderful memory, insight, developed logic. However, objectively assessing the behavior of other people, he often exaggerates and dramatizes his own problems. He is often fanatical in his beliefs, rarely changes opinions.

This person strongly associates himself with his body, strives for physical pleasures, and often thinks about them.

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Mercury in Scorpio in the natal chart – communication

It is worth understanding that Mercury in Scorpio is very vulnerable and sensitive. Therefore, at a young age, he often faces misunderstanding of those around him and carries this offense whole life. As a defense, he chooses a caustic, cold behavior. Believing that no one will love him for who he is, he resorts to manipulation and keeps others in fear.

In communication, he is aggressive, rude, daring. He prefers to speak out on the case, does not conduct empty conversations, is generally silent and hidden. If Mercury in Scorpio is your opponent in a particular case, he will most likely win. In his every word and action there is a hidden meaning.

Inclined to impose others on their opinions, to teach them, to engage them in his activities. If such a person has chosen the right type of activity for himself, he will be happy to “live at work”.

If you want to interest such a person, you need to give him a difficult riddle. But be careful playing with him. You may think that you are a spider, but in the end, you will find yourself a fly in his web.

mercury in scorpio transit

Mercury in Scorpio in the natal chart – wealth

Mercury patronizes trade and merchants from time immemorial, therefore its position in the natal chart affects the material enrichment of man. In order to achieve prosperity and success, you should use your natural talents. In the case of the sign of Scorpio, this is incredible insight, a strength of mind and will.

Mercury in Scorpio gives individuals the opportunity to become a great detective, intelligence officer, lawyer, politician, critic, philosopher. It is important to find the use of his talents for the benefit, because otherwise, he may engage in crimes. This person is capable of anything to achieve his goal, and it is important to use it correctly.

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Transit Mercury in Scorpio

This transit, like any other, gives us both good and bad. As for positive, we become more penetrating and attentive, able to see the true meaning and nature of things. Our curiosity and inquisitiveness of the mind are increasing. And, people become more suspicious.

When Mercury is in Scorpio, people react more sharply to news of catastrophes and wars, our self-preservation instinct and craving for satisfying physical needs are more pronounced. Thoughts about sex also arise more often than usual. We are puzzled to solve riddles and mysteries of life, therefore at such a time, it is good to study various philosophies.

At the level of behavior, we become less restrained, more touchy, aggressive and vindictive. If there are negative aspects of Mercury in the sky, the world becomes a battlefield, and “All is Fair in Love and War”.

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