Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius – striving for new challenges

Mercury in Sagittarius brings this fire sign’s traits to a person’s thinking, communication, work, and lifestyle. During this transit, we all feel its influence. Let us consider in detail the strengths and weaknesses of this position of Mercury.

Mercury in Sagittarius in the natal chart – thinking

This position in the natal chart gives its holder a thirst for learning and a talent for teaching. The inquisitive mind is constantly seeking novelty. Mercury in Sagittarius is very versatile, able to perceive completely different information and distribute his resources to many areas of life.

Such people are interested in natural and exact sciences, are always aware of the trends of modern culture, pay much attention to social problems and social development issues. They strive to shine with knowledge, be credible and rotate in the highest circles.

Mercury in Sagittarius learns information well from books, but the best ways are through communication and personal experience. Therefore, such a person will often make new acquaintances and, of course, travel a lot.

Thinking is creative, people are overflowing with ideas. However, they rather poorly concentrate attention and hardly puts priorities. It is useful to enter into a partnership with someone more practical and attentive to detail. For example, the one who has Mercury in Virgo. These two will complement each other and will be able to succeed in life.

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Communication in the natal chart

These people are very energetic, extravertive, eloquent. Emotions and the ability to select beautiful words make them wonderful speakers. Mercury in Sagittarius loves people, cares about their problems and always fights for justice. In addition, he is sincere and honest. Sometimes his words can hurt, but you should appreciate the fact that they are always true. Such people communicate in a simple, accessible language.

Not able to criticize himself, but can teach others and engage in moralizing. However, the main problems in a serious relationship are impermanence and impulsiveness. Mercury in Sagittarius appreciates its independence very much, often acts spontaneously, moves from place to place. His interest quickly flashes, but also quickly cools.

Such a person is capable of long-term relationships with people who will not try to remake him. And, of course, those who are constantly evolving. Otherwise, Sagittarius will get bored.

mercury in sagittarius transit

Mercury in Sagittarius in the natal chart – wealth

They say that Mercury in Sagittarius is too unstable for great and long-term success. But it is not true! I recall that since ancient times, Mercury was the patron saint of trade and merchants, navigators and travelers. And he likes the love of Sagittarius for diversity and novelty. Therefore, a person with such a position in the natal chart can achieve material well-being. The main thing is to act in harmony with yourself, showing your best traits.

First, it is the universality of intelligence, versatile development. You do not need to limit yourself to the scope of one activity. And this is a great feature for a businessman! The only thing you need to find a pedantic person for the realization of your bright ideas in life.

Secondly, it is the ability to communicate and share knowledge, the talent of the speaker and the teacher. Coupled with a love of travel, you can become a successful journalist, blogger, and even a preacher.

And, of course, concern with social issues and an innate sense of justice will help you in politics and social activities.

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Transit Mercury in Sagittarius

During this transit, people liberate themselves and open up to each other. Great time for socializing, fun parties and recreational trips. Mercury in Sagittarius is an optimist and a dreamer, he is honest and trusting. On the one hand, it is very good. On the other hand, it is not worth making important deals and expensive purchases. It is possible not to notice the deception.

It is better to make new acquaintances with dissimilar people, representatives of other cultures, foreigners. The desire to learn new things wakes up. It is useful to travel in order to learn and expand your own picture of the world.

With the negative aspects of Mercury, excessive impulsiveness and inability to concentrate manifest. People can lecture to each other and express their opinions in a rather rude manner. It is necessary to take into account the influence of the planets and not be offended by the words in your address.

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