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Moon in Cancer – how to use it and how it affects people

The moon zodiac sign has no less influence on people than the sun one does. And not only that zodiac sign, under which you were born. The moon moves through the zodiacal circle during a month, every 2-3 days visiting a new sign.

They say that the Moon is the ruler of our inner world, while the Sun is responsible for the manifestations of man in the outer world. That is, every two or three days, our inner world changes under the influence of the sign into which the moon comes. Let’s see what impact on us the Moon in Cancer has.

Moon in Cancer impact on people in general

Cancer is a very sensitive sign of the zodiac, and this is evident in its effect on people. The time of the Moon in Cancer is favorable for establishing personal affairs, family relations, and the development of intuitive abilities. During this period, it is easier to learn to understand people, it is also favorable for the development of the restaurant business and the sale of flowers.

These days we are more receptive and suggestible. No need to rush things. If someone in your environment is naughty and scandalous – he wants attention and warmth. Show sympathy, and the person will thank you for your loyalty in the future.

Cancer is a fertile zodiac sign, so it is the best time to plant fruit crops, or any other plants that you want.

In addition, astrologers claim that the moon in Cancer helps couples to conceive a girl.

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Moon in Cancer depending on the lunar phase

So, New Moon in Cancer is the time to solve family matters and domestic issues.

Waxing Moon in Cancer is the best period for frank conversations with your soulmate.

Full Moon in Cancer is a day of charity, volunteering, help to the needy.

The Waning moon in Cancer is a time of nostalgia, meetings with old friends, family reunification – for example, at your vacation home.

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Moon in Cancer – the impact on humans by their sun signs

Passing through the sign of Cancer, the Moon awakens a psychological gift in people. It sharpens sensitivity and intuition, adjusts to the perception of unconscious processes. On such days, we better feel other people, intuitively penetrate the true motives and causes of their words and actions, “read between the lines”. We seem to be moving away from the outside world, turning to the inner world. Thoughts and emotions mean more than events. It is the time for self-examination, a mental journey into the past. Tips for each Zodiac sign during this period are as follows. If you are…

Aries, spend time with your family, arrange dinner, look at old photos together.

Taurus, go to unwind in nature.

Gemini, please loved ones with gifts.

Cancer, do not be afraid to drastically change the hairstyle.

Leo, lie in bed all day.

Virgo, arrange a party for close friends.

Libra, take the time to plan your future.

Scorpio, meditate, start spiritual practices.

Sagittarius, arrange a romantic meeting.

Capricorn, resolve all tense situations in relationships with people in your environment.

Aquarius, pay attention to your health.

Pisces, make an appointment with a person you haven’t dared to speak with for a long time.

No doubt, our own character, the way we interact with others, and the life path as a whole are most influenced by our own moon zodiac sign. That is the sign, in which the Moon was at the time of our birth.

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