New Moon October 16 2020

New Moon October 16, 2020 – the astrological guide for newbies

New Moon October 16, 2020, poses new challenges for us and opens up new ways of development. Actually, this is the essence of any New Moon – to set the leitmotif of the coming lunar month. In this article, I want to explain to you how astrologers make their predictions and analyze such phenomena. After all, every forecast that you hear is subjective – the astrologer passes information through the prism of his own worldview. And yes, sometimes this is exactly what you need to hear. But sometimes, it is better to realize what is happening on your own to apply the gained knowledge to your life situation properly.

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New Moon phenomenon and it’s meaning

So what is New Moon? It is the point in time at which the Moon and Sun are in conjunction. Roughly speaking, we do not see the Moon in the sky because the Sun is too close to it and cannot illuminate it. The meaning of the conjunction aspect is intuitively clear – the planets in this aspect experience some unity, harmony, and like-mindedness. Now let’s look at the spheres of life for which these planets are responsible.

The Sun is our ego, the way we manifest ourselves in society, creative and active energy. The Moon is our subconsciousness, memory of the family, emotions, intuition. And on New Moon, they unite – imagine what a power it is! The power of the subconscious in combination with the power of awareness, feminine energy with a masculine, subtle matter with material manifestation. This moment gives people an impetus to start moving towards new goals and objectives, and that is why the New Moon is considered the best period for rituals of manifesting intentions.

Zodiac Sign – the main theme of the lunar month

The next thing we will consider is the Zodiac Sign in which this event takes place. Accordingly, the Sun and the Moon will have the same Sign, because they are in conjunction. On New Moon October 16, 2020, they will be located in Libra – and this is an important moment. Because the Sign of the Zodiac, in which the New Moon takes place, sets the main theme for the entire lunar month.

Libra is about BALANCE. Balance both in life in general and in relationships with other people, that is, in PARTNERSHIP. It means that this lunar month sets us the following tasks:
• Balance different areas of our lives. You’ve probably heard about the Wheel of Balance, when we draw a circle, divide it into sectors (self-development, relationships, health, career, home, etc.) and rate each sector. The purpose of this exercise is to identify which areas receive the least of your attention and to correct the skew.
• Achieve harmony in relationships with partners (marriage, business, etc.). It is about compromise, win-win, equality, and fairness.

And yes, since the Sun travels the same path from year to year, it is possible to identify some approximate pattern. New Moon changes its date, but somehow the Libra theme – the theme of balance and partnership – always comes up in October. Here is an approximate list of tasks for the year: Aries – self-realization and initiative, Taurus – building and accumulation, Gemini – communication and learning, Cancer – home and family, Leo – creativity and fame, Virgo – routine and health, Libra – balance and partnership, Scorpio – instincts and philosophy, Sagittarius – travel and transfer of knowledge, Capricorn – discipline and career, Aquarius – transformation and inventions, Pisces – empathy and subtle worlds.

Sun in the Zodiac Signs

By the way, if you have a concentration of planets in a certain Zodiac Sign in your natal chart, you will surely feel a special surge of strength in the lunar month, which is under its auspices. For example, I have seven planets in Virgo, and September has always been my favorite month of new beginnings.

Aspects of the participating planets on New Moon October 16, 2020

Of course, the Zodiac Sign alone is not able to explain all the nuances to us. Otherwise, every year, month after month, we would have all the same – and there is no development in it. There are always several participants on the sky chart – planets that form certain aspects between themselves and the New Moon point. The combination of these aspects is unique every time, to which we owe the diversity in our lives. To understand and feel what the coming lunar month will be like and what exactly it expects from us, you need to take a closer look at the Libra New Moon chart.

Surely, there are a lot of nuances that experienced astrologers learn over the years. But you can superficially assess the influence of the planets. Just look at the aspects and Signs of the Zodiac.

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Let’s consider aspects that directly affect the New Moon point on October 16, 2020. So, retrograde Mars in Aries makes opposition to the New Moon point. The opposition is confrontation, conflict, a problematic place in which a balance must be sought. Mars is a proactive, warlike leader, and he is in the place of his power – Aries. Self-realization and initiative come into conflict with balance and partnership. In simple terms, you want something, and your partner wants something else. What will come of this? A breakup, a compromise, win-win? It depends only on you two. But wait.

The situation is further complicated by the T-square to the group of planets in Capricorn. Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn gathered there. Square is also a tense aspect so we can see the third side of this conflict. Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn are distant, heavy, and serious planets, so they symbolize the laws of society, state, morality. It turns out that the opposition of your desires with your partner’s desires is influenced by social norms. Of course, it is brief, but the essence is clear.

Planets’ advice on solving the lunar month task

Now let’s look at the favorable aspects – yes, we have them too! 🙂 And they always tell us the correct solution to a given problem, a way out of the conflict. On the Libra New Moon chart October 16, we have a beautiful trine between the opposition of the New Moon point with Mars and the Ascending Karmic Node. The Ascending Karmic Node is our future that is destined for us as a gift from the Higher Forces. And to receive this gift, let’s pay attention to the Zodiac Sign of this Node. It is in Gemini. As you remember, Gemini is in charge of communication and learning. Accordingly, to resolve that trilateral conflict between you, your partner, and society, you need to gain some new knowledge and, of course, discuss everything out loud!

Isn’t it gorgeous? Setting tasks before us, space always gives hints and energy for their solution. The solution to each problem is a step forward in our development. And development – is the sense of life.

Of course, in this article, I have considered far from all the astrological nuances of the New Moon October 16. Moreover, not only the New Moons have an impact on us, but also every lunar day of the cycle! Each Moon day has its own preferences and characteristics. What can easily be done on one lunar day may fail miserably on another. For you to be able to track the influence of Moon days in a convenient form, we have created the Living by Moon course. In it, you will receive tips for each Moon day. Who knows, maybe this is exactly the knowledge that you need to acquire in the opinion of the Ascending Karmic Node? 😉 👇

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