Selena – White Moon in Taurus

Selena is the perigee of the lunar orbit. Let’s figure out, what features Selena in Taurus has.

Being at the point of perigee, the Moon reaches its most speed and closest approach to the Earth. The depth and intensity of the Moon-Earth links reach their largest. At the same time, the connections between the physical and astral planes become so intense that it may look like a loss of personal control over your own emotions.

When Selena turned on, a person feels, as it were, an exit beyond the boundaries of himself. He gives to some powerful extra-personal astral flow, feeling himself part of the whole.

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Selena in the history

The terms “Black Moon”, “White Moon”, “Lilit”, “Selena” are popular in modern astrology. Some astrologers attach great importance to these points in the horoscope. Others, so, neglect them. Some consider the influence of fictitious and hypothetical moons to be like the action of lunar nodes. Others give them responsibility for the development of individuality. Still others identify Lilith, the Black Moon, with Hecate, the symbol of the fatal young Moon, its destructive qualities. And the White Moon with Selena.

White Moon personifies faith, gentleness, dedication, kindness, luck, happiness. Black – disbelief, criticality, indifference, thirst for power, hatred, pride, greed, fears. In each person’s horoscope there are both moons. And to know in which sign of the zodiac they located, will not be superfluous. Because Selena’s action needs to accepted with gratitude. But the temptations of Black – it is desirable not to encourage, but rather to resist them.

Sometimes it happens that Selena and Lilith find themselves very close to the natal chart or, so, in opposition. In this case, a person’s whole life is choosing a path – light or dark.

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Selena in Taurus

16.11.1953 10:57:25 – 17.06.1954 12:07:16
16.11.1960 00:55:41 – 17.06.1961 02:05:32
16.11.1967 14:53:57 – 16.06.1968 16:03:49
16.11.1974 04:52:14 – 17.06.1975 06:02:05
15.11.1981 18:50:30 – 16.06.1982 20:00:21
15.11.1988 08:48:46 – 16.06.1989 09:58:38
15.11.1995 22:47:03 – 15.06.1996 23:56:54
15.11.2002 12:45:19 – 16.06.2003 13:55:10
15.11.2009 02:43:35 – 16.06.2010 03:53:27
14.11.2016 16:41:52 – 15.06.2017 17:51:43
15.11.2023 06:40:08 – 15.06.2024 07:49:59
14.11.2030 20:38:24 – 15.06.2031 21:48:16
14.11.2037 10:36:41 – 15.06.2038 11:46:32

White Moon in the sign Taurus orients the individual to strength and consistency in the house of the horoscope in which it located. And also for long-term programs to achieve certain values, both internal and external. In the chosen direction, a person moves but applying enough effort and patience.

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Selena in Taurus helps to find peace and harmony, in every way helps to work with forms. Even ordinary dishwashing can bring great pleasure. Many things that a person dreamed of, come as if by themselves. Keyword “peacefulness”. The individual must learn to give to others. Remember that any form is finite.

Keywords: help in matters related to material benefits. Their preservation and multiplication.

Karmic levels of Selena:

  • At the lowest level – successful acquisitions. Good health. Prosperity in the house. Lasting long love. But in the case of excessive greed, loss of accumulated, inability to keep it;
  • At the middle level – openness, generosity. Caring for the land;
  • At the highest level – the ability to collect, save and store energy. The ability to instill confidence in the lives of others.

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