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Venus in Sagittarius – the wandering knight

Venus in Sagittarius is a medieval knight – a romantic fighter for justice, ready for feats for his own ideals. Sagittarius is a passionate fiery sign associated with the expansion of horizons, the acquisition of wisdom through a new experience, cosmopolitanism, and revolution. Venus is a planet of values, love, wealth. She is responsible for everything that we want and love. Let’s take a closer look at what Venus in Sagittarius brings to us in the natal chart and during transit.

Venus in Sagittarius in the natal chart – values

So, Venus in the natal chart determines the values ​​of a person, the way he prioritizes. Sometimes this happens unconsciously, but we are guided by our values in making all decisions. Thus, the position of this planet can have a huge impact on our lives.

Sagittarius values ​​are freedom, justice, and new experience. Such people need freedom of choice, thought, word, movement, like fire needs air. They choke and die in golden cages. Perhaps you have repeatedly heard the mention of the word “cosmopolitan” in conjunction with this zodiac sign. Sagittarius really needs to travel to satisfy another need – the need for a new experience.

In fact, it is even more than need or value. The sign of Sagittarius is a part of the axis of learning and knowledge transfer. His mission is to share the knowledge! And it is possible only if knowledge is obtained through personal experience, felt in practice. And, of course, without the freedom to travel and communicate, this passionate knight will not be able to fully realize his mission.

Another value of Venus in Sagittarius is justice. No wonder I called these people knights. They tend to idealize and romanticize life. Always have something to fight for, have ideals that they can uphold. They believe in the possibility of justice and do all they can in this direction. And it should be so because it is their nature and mission.

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Love and relationships in the natal chart

In addition to values, the beautiful Venus also manages love relationships. After all, she is the ancient Roman goddess of love! Venus is a female planet, therefore its influence on people is specific. So, in the man’s natal chart, she determines which women such a man likes. As for women, she’s responsible for the charm, “highlight” of the chart’s owner.

Venus in Sagittarius in the man’s natal chart – what kind of women does he like

If we know the location of Venus in the chart of a man, we can learn how to win his sympathy. So, Venus in Sagittarius loves bright, generous, sociable girls. No need to demonstrate the skills of an ideal housewife. You do not even need to look perfect, spending hours in beauty salons. It will be much more effective to show such a man that you live a very interesting, diverse, eventful life.

Smile, talk about your travels and adventures, share knowledge. Hurry somewhere in joyful anticipation. Show that you care about social issues and are ready to do something to restore justice. Be nice to him. Venus in Sagittarius understands love as something spiritual. This is a connection between like-minded people and friends. And sexual attraction will be a necessary consequence of such a relationship, do not worry about it!

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Venus in the woman’s chart – what’s your charm?

Your charm is optimism and self-confidence. You are goal-oriented and unshakable, and able to get everything you want! Also, you are wise and erudite, able to tell fascinating stories, always act according to conscience and never leave friends in trouble. You have great will power! Therefore, your partner should be no less strong.

I am sure that you have no problems with the fans. This is how your radiant charm works! But do not rush to idealize one of them and throw your whole life at his feet. Ask yourself a question: is he definitely the most worthy?

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Wealth in the natal chart

Even though Venus is the patroness of love, this planet is quite materialistic. She appreciates real things such as money and everything that can be bought for money. The position of Venus in the natal chart tells a person his way of gaining wealth, abundance, material well-being.

Venus in Sagittarius gives a person many talents that help him along this way. First of all, this is self-confidence and determination. You can turn mountains for the realization of your dream! However, this dream should be in the “Sagittarius style” – have something to do with restoring justice or transferring knowledge and experience.

You can get rich by doing socially significant projects, traveling the world, talking with people, being a teacher in any format. The only possible difficulty is to learn not only to earn but also to spend what you earn wisely.

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Transit Venus in Sagittarius

If Venus is located in another Zodiac sign in your natal chart, this does not mean that Venus in Sagittarius does not affect you in any way. During the corresponding transit, we all become a Sagittarius for a little bit.

Firstly, this is manifested in love impregnating the air. We all want love – perfect love, sublime, omnipotent, eternal. Idealize the people we meet during this period. Romanticize our everyday life. Involuntarily we paint ordinary events with bright colors. And it is wonderful! Optimism is increasing, the amount of energy, enthusiasm, and thirst for movement are also growing. All people become more mobile, open, ready for adventure. Besides, our self-confidence is growing, which can and should be used for self-realization, achievements in career and business.

However, it is important to understand that all this is possible only if there are positive aspects of Venus with other planets. In the opposite case, Sagittarius may exhibit its worst features. That is, romantic relationships and business deals can suddenly end with complete disappointment.

So, be careful and track the astrological situation. Knowing about the opportunities and obstacles that skies brings us, we can use them for our benefit.

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