Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius – an extravagant revolutionist

Venus in Aquarius is the most extraordinary and brightest thing you’ve ever seen. Venus is the planet of love, values, material wealth. Aquarius is a sign of innovators who loves to destroy old systems and build new ones. Let’s see how this position of Venus in the natal chart affects the character and life path of a person.

Venus in Aquarius in the natal chart – values

So, let’s start with our values ​​- what we are guided by every time we make one or another choice in life. It is our values ​​that form our pyramid of priorities, the nature of principles and aspirations. For a person with Venus in Aquarius, the most important value is their own freedom and equality with people. In fact, they are very sociable and pay great attention to social issues – but at the same time, they will not tolerate interference in their personal space.

The second value of Aquarius is experimentation and innovation in everything! Starting with gadgets and ending with love adventures. Such people are great originals and love to shock others, which spurs them on to new discoveries and creative manifestations. Venus in Aquarius gives people very strong energy and always keeps them in good shape. This person is a surprise, but it is not so easy to surprise him. This leads to their third value – absolute tolerance. If you are embarrassed to admit something to society and are afraid that you will not be understood, feel free to tell everything to such people. They will not condemn you but will accept you as you are.

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Love and relationship in the natal chart

Freedom, equality, tolerance, multiplied by sociability are equal to a huge number of acquaintances and connections of a person with Venus in Aquarius. Aquarius is responsible for the 11th house of the horoscope, and that, in turn, – for friends, teams, like-minded people, dreams! These people are so global that they are rarely monogamous.

However, let’s take a closer look at a man and a woman with this position of the planet of love in the natal chart. Traditionally, in a man’s chart, Venus indicates the type of women he likes. And in the woman’s chart – her own “zest”. Although, it is worth noting that people with Venus in Aquarius rarely get attached to the concept of gender and try all kinds of different types of sexual relationships in their lives.

Venus in Aquarius in the man’s natal chart – what kind of women does he like

Venus in Aquarius is attracted to everything extraordinary, creative, and innovative. Perhaps even what is considered shocking in society. Accordingly, to attract the attention of such a man, you need to truly stand out from the crowd. He likes eccentric, witty, non-standard personalities. Especially those who can remain themselves and at the same time earn the respect of others. He will appreciate the rich inner world and independence.

It is also important to show him that you share his values ​​and respect his freedom. He will not tolerate imposing and controlling behavior, jealousy, and monotony. Promise him complete freedom and a variety of new experiences, show that you are ready for change. BUT, only if you ARE ready, of course 🙂

the mirror of venus

Venus in the woman’s chart – what’s your charm?

If Venus is in Aquarius in a woman’s chart, she is definitely ready for change – ALWAYS! She is open to everything new, takes an active position in society, has an extraordinary mind and creative energy. This woman looks at the world in such an unusual way that it attracts fans to her like a magnet.

Usually, I give one piece of advice to all Zodiac Signs – to be yourself, to act in harmony with your inner self. In my opinion, this is the main secret of success in all areas of life. And I would say the same to Venus in Aquarius, but the thing is, she already knows it. Such women are extremely freedom-loving and do not tolerate obstacles to self-expression. And rightly so! It is a huge dignity that allows her not only to live in harmony but also to conquer the hearts of other people.

Aquarius effect on Venus

Wealth in the natal chart

Venus is the planet of everything that we love and value. Money is one of the values ​​of modern society. However, money is never the most important thing in the life of Venus in Aquarius. Nevertheless, this beautiful planet has hinted at how to attract wealth into your life, and I will give them to you.

If you have Venus in Aquarius, your money magnet is your ability to make connections. You seem to be able to find like-minded people wherever and whenever you want – use it! Plus, you are seething with new ideas. Fortunately, the world is changing very quickly now, so your crazy ideas will become reality in a month or two. It is Aquarius who is the conductor of innovations in this world, so feel free to share your ideas and gather a team to implement them! And yet, you know how to surprise like no one else. It can also be monetized, for example, through show- or event business. Also, your interest in global public issues can be successfully revealed in any form of social activity, and, of course, in creativity. As you can see, there are many options for you! 😉

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Transit Venus in Aquarius

When any planet passes through one or another Zodiac Sign, all people feel its influence. The transit Venus in Aquarius ignites a thirst for experimentation and novelty in our hearts. First of all, in the sphere of love. And also, this is a great time to innovate in your appearance, new hairstyle, makeup, clothes.

With favorable aspects of Venus with other planets, this is a good time for creating various communities, team building, developing joint projects, purchasing the latest gadgets. With negative aspects, things may not be so rosy – be especially careful with your impulses. Cheating, crazy passion, emotional instability are possible.

So, distribute your forces correctly in order to get the maximum benefit from each transit in the sky.

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