Blue Moon October 31 2020

Blue Moon October 31, 2020 – the most unusual Full Moon of the year

Blue Moon October 31, 2020, is a rare and unusual phenomenon. First, it is the second Full Moon of the month or the thirteenth Full Moon of the year. Usually, there is only one Full Moon each month, respectively, there are twelve of them in a year. Secondly, the Blue Moon this year coincides with the international holiday – Halloween, and, accordingly, with the Wiccan Samhain. So, such a rare event definitely needs to be properly celebrated! Let’s see what space has in store for us for this day.

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Halloween – what is this holiday really about?

Halloween is a holiday loved by many Americans and beyond. Its main attributes are carved pumpkin lamps, trick-o-treat tradition, creepy outfits, and home decoration. Many people now simply enjoy these attributes. And of course, there is nothing wrong with that, because I am sure that the world was created for the celebration! But there is a story behind all this, and if you dig deeper, you can better understand the essence of the actions being taken. And understanding the essence, we can come closer to that state of harmony with the world and ourselves, to which we all strive.

So, Halloween is All Hallows’ Eve (where, in fact, this name comes from). Initially, it was believed that on this day, the border between the worlds of the living and the dead becomes thinner. So, it is possible to cross it in one direction or another. They say that people dress up in frightening costumes to scare off the dead, who can cross the border and enter our world. But what if you look at the situation from a different angle?

Halloween 2020

Halloween from a different point of view

It is known that our ancestors had a closer connection with nature and their own family. And they were not afraid of their dead ancestors but deeply revered them. Just like Death itself. In most pagan religions of the world, there was a deity of Death, the ruler of the other world, who was respected no less than other gods. Including the Celts and Wiccans, celebrating Samhain on October 31st. Death is a natural part of life, and they understood it perfectly.

Think about this point of view. What if the thinning of the border between the worlds of the living and the dead do not bring us danger, but, on the contrary, makes it possible to touch the greatest knowledge? Maybe, on this day, we can expand our worldview, increase our awareness, gain strength that previously seemed unattainable to us. What if we dress up in ghost costumes not to scare off real ghosts but to welcome and honor the spirits of our ancestors? To show that we are all one, and the bonds of the family are inviolable, despite the death of physical bodies?

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Samhain and the Taurus Full Moon – what do they have in common?

Samhain is a Wiccan harvest festival. The end of the bright and warm season, and the beginning of the dark, cold one. We are afraid of everything dark and cold, but it is a happy holiday. After all, the working time is finally over, the harvest is gathered, and we can enjoy the fruits of our labor! In fact, this is the meaning of any Full Moon. If we look at the seasons of the lunar month, then the Full Moon is its Samhain.

After all, the Waxing Crescent is spring, the Waxing Gibbous is summer. And, after the Full Moon point, the lunar autumn and the dark, cold part of the month begin. The Full Moon shows us the results of our labors of the first part of the lunar month. It highlights them – that is why the lunar disk is completely flooded with light. It is the time when we receive the fruits, the manifestation of what we have sown back on the New Moon.

The Full Moon on October 31, 2020, will occur in the sign of Taurus, which once again emphasizes the theme of harvest. After all, Taurus is the patron of the second house of the horoscope. It is responsible for collecting and accumulating resources, own finances, material well-being. This is the earthly Sign of the Zodiac, a kind of a farmer who knows how to cultivate and multiply any benefits. Thus, the Blue Moon October 31 will show each person the results of his previous labors – primarily in material matters.

blue moon in Taurus

Blue Moon October 31, 2020 – main topics, tasks, aspects

Do not forget that the Full Moon is always the opposition of the Sun and the Moon. Thanks to this opposition the Sun can completely illuminate the lunar disk. But the name of the aspect speaks for itself – opposition always implies some conflict. And it sets the most important task: to find a balance between the opposing sides. Between the Sun (our Ego) and the Moon (subconsciousness), and between their Zodiac Signs.

On October 31, 2020, the Sun is located in Scorpio – an extremely wise and deep sign. It is a sign of thinking about Good and Evil, instincts and Spirituality, our own and possessions of others. And if Taurus tells us about our finances and interests, then Scorpio, the patron of the 8th house, is all about other people’s money and manipulating others for personal enrichment. I do not accuse Scorpios of parasitism and abuse of the resources of others. On the contrary, it is just a task: to find a balance in interaction with other people’s resources in such a way that it would be a win-win for everyone.

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Full Moon in Taurus – main theme

As you can see, the main theme of the Full Moon is resources, our own, and others’. As well as all the issues that are associated with them. Of course, against the background of the intense energies of this lunar phase, this situation can lead to conflicts and quarrels over money and other material resources. However, I want to remind you of things that I always say about Full Moons. These days are considered tense and even dangerous just because they are characterized by a powerful flow of energy and strength. Unfortunately, not all people have reached such a level of spiritual development to cope with this energy. Because of this, it often results in conflicts and negative emotions, which lead us to negative events. But in fact, this energy is a colossal gift from the skies. If you use it for good, you can accomplish many wonderful things!

Moreover, on October 31, 2020, Uranus will join the Moon – the planet of unexpected changes and surprises, innovations, and revolutions.

planets aspects

How to behave on the Full Moon October 31, 2020 – specific tips

1. Do not tune in to the bad, do not be afraid of this day, no matter what they write on the Internet. Relax and listen calmly to what the Universe is telling you. Look: she shows you the results of your labors. And even if they do not satisfy you, accept them with gratitude. A new period will come, and you will consider how you can change your behavior so that your next harvest will be bigger.

2. Talk with loved ones about the fact that everyone may be more irritated than usual on this day. Agree that you will try to stay calm, and even if someone inadvertently hurts you, you will not take it seriously.

3. Try to spend this day festively without solving any important issues. It’s time to relax, to become aware of yourself in the moment. Only in this way you will gain access to the hidden, be able to discern the clues of the Universe, and accept its unexpected gifts with a grateful, open heart.

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